Thursday, October 26, 2017

Steffen Rowe/Tank INTEL, 26 OCT

There's a lot of scattered intel from now to January but the public evidence is very sound.

•know of some people who got liquid in Hong Kong. If they have funds it would stand to reason that we're about to go as well or you couldn't keep it a secret with a few Uber Rich folks acting acting like a Gods making it rain. 

•In addition, Iraq has said they're paying their citizens tomorrow and we already know the value has changed on their Qui cards. 

•George H W Bush has been publicly accused of sexually assaulting an actress. Which speaks to disclosure but will be broadly overlooked because he's so old. 

•Trump tweeted out today that he will release the sealed JFK Files tomorrow, which should reveal Mossad involvement and possibly the Catholic Church in his assassination. That would be the Flash Bang for our exchanges

•I had heard a rumor today that Trump made some kind of private announcement pertaining to the Gold Backed currency, and coincidentally he was in Dallas near the only State held Gold Reserve. 

•And there could be a big reveal about the Niger ambush and the Cabal sources behind that. 

•It's all set up in my opinion to go at any moment. Not exactly sure what is the trigger.

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