Thursday, October 26, 2017


Just got the big call to be at my bank tomorrow morning to exchange my currency. I was told their will be an NDA. I'm doing cartwheels, probably for sure won't get any sleep. The guy told me their going to do a few each day to cut down on the volume of people they expect to come in......

All those people you talked into getting rid of their currency are going to be PISSED. I'll expect some of these guys are going to try and hunt you down, and it won't be pretty......Anyway I will fast track my passport, and this time next week laying on a beach somewhere......Shutting down computer now. 

I feel sorry for dinar daily....You'll probably at least be sued....Good luck guys.....Your going to need it.......Time to pack.........Like I said I'll actually say a pray, especially for the poor fools who listened to you......

Sender e-mail address: MBoswell@#$%^&*

Well good luck to you mboswell! Hope you don't mind me posting this here so we can keep all of the folks up to speed. 
But if you had to sign an NDA what in the world are you doing sending this message to us here? Shame on you! LOL 

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