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Saturday, September 23, 2017


Welcome to Fabulous Friday, could this be the Friday that is altogether different then all of the countless Fridays we have endure over the years? Well from all the discussions we have listed to on Thursday it appears today is different. Plenty of good indicators plus a few, well not so good bits and pieces of information that has dribbled down from places that we are not privy to know about….Hmmm.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have read just about everything that has been written or spoke about on the web concerning foreign currency and GCR/RV or RB if you prefer. While a lot of it caused my head to spin not so much with was said but with what was not said if you know what I mean. Sometime if you really have nothing to do you might want to spend the day, Thursday preferably pounding the keyboard..

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, we give thanks for what information that has come out of late but You know we are just like children, (Your children in fact) always wanting more of any desert that we may be given. Oh not because we hungry (in most cases) but because we are just that mortal children of Yours constantly trying to impress the world and You with our knowledge. Forgive us Father…

Dear Lord God Almighty, yes we ask for forgiveness for the sins and the way we sometimes interact with people of our own species. We ask forgiveness for allowing pollution of our world and allowing the destruction of our rain forest because of our own short sightedness. And then there is the way we are allowing animals of or planet to be killed off to the point of extinction not for food but for sport

Yes my dear friends I know some of these things are out of any one person’s control but I would like you all to contemplate on the times you had an opportunity to speak out but you may have chosen not to do so because it just might not make you acceptable to the rest of the world. Riots will not do it but then there are times when even a still small voice can be heard above the crowd. “Our Destiny Awaits”

Dream last night: On an airplane…told there was a high-level, VIP from Iraq who would be allowed to use – pay by - dinar on the plane. While the rest of us had to pay, as usual, with credit cards, they allowed him to pay with Dinar. Hmmm….could this mean a reval is around the corner? Just had to share my dream - will see if I really am psychic!

Ted. did you scroll down and read my dream? What do you think? Is it prophetic?

Catnip....I believe that very well be the case. The Lord often speaks to us in our sleep....I say that from personal Experience.....BBL

Listened to Frank's short call from Wednesday nite and he explained why Abadi was not showing up on Thursday and would speak before the close of the UNGA on Sunday.

Sand EO had something to do with gold backed asset backed or USN...I couldn't stay in chat...so I missed it.

Good morning folks. Meek it wasnt found. Bruce said it was signed but no one could locate it.

Thanks CindyLou...I found yesterday something that talks about US asset backed securities but no EO.

Hey Sand darlin!! Yes Meek i think Snake saw that also. But last EO was about North Korean sanctions.

Sand. Listened to last 15 of franks call... info good. He is so hard to listen to tho. Condescending in his delivery

Hilltop - very condescending. If you listen t his last 15-20 minutes of all call you are good usually. Though with most of the Gurus it's all ego

On Beny's FB someone posted this morning saying Mexico's earthquake 7.1 is not truthful....9.1 - - the damage shown on the videos does seem greater, but I am not an authority on earthquakes.


AdminBill gave some updates on WSOMN. Go see!


Sorry to say Admin needs to have a clearly announced and SET-TIME the site is open. It's way inconvenient going over there ...logging-in only to have a big "nothing"...imHo sorry AdminBill

Owl, it's open 24/7 now...Mod free Except him and Sunni...sporadically


I don't know what the idea was behind shutting it down and then bringing it back up..

I believe he opened back up ot help those that are still waiting to be admitted here

Well when he shut it down the dreams site wasn't opened yet..


Tig...just went over there...read chat and admin did say "self-moderated". Also said "stay open for now' because peeps stillhaving trouble getting into 'Dreams'. Did not realize it was totally open tho! Kewl

Well, all I can say is things change and progress

YEah I think it was a burden on the mods or at least one of them, so he started "trimming" hours. But all the back and forth is confusing! Right now "on" will do perfectly both here and there Wink

I thought I heard beny say on a call a week (?) that CA would have a big earth quake and a couple days later RV. Sure hope they don't have an earth quake. Too many already

Seems to me EOs are public docs and would be available to read almost instantaneously. Maybe I'm wrong. Secret EOs? Wouldn't think so.

Snickers... the only executive order signed yesterday was one for more sanctions against north korea...NO other e.o. was signed!!!


What is this 'fake news show'?

Hi Catnip-It is Benny

1camman all Beny does is yell at everyone! Lol


Catnip - Beny one fine day showed up on my YouTube feed and has been the Anti- Guru Guru with his own special theatrical flair. In honor of Beny we here at Dreams refer to the RV as the RB in our best Ricky Ricardo accent ( with no disrespect )

My day is complete with Beny bringing us Breaking News.

     I am so excited folks!!!! I think this is really going to be it... over the next week. We will be done! We can start! We can quit living in this limbo land state and get busy living! I'M SO EXCITED!!! Gotta run... just felt the need to come in and say that!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

   I Am Super Duper Pumped .. Primed .. Jacked .. and Stoked!!

Ok peeps I heard Abadi is not in NY and is not going to be there any time soon. We are not waiting on Iraq for anything they will be ready when they are told

Do ya think so Admin006?? I listened but sounded just like Bruce. ❤️ I do love to listen to his calls though


006, I've heard asset backed currency from a few sources since Bruce threw it out there last night.

Beny will have a very special show tomorrow night after Abadi speaks but as of now we are on RB Alert

Beny was very excited when the Pres of Zim said - Mr Trump blow your trumpet- Beny took that as a RV signal

Ya know Sand... I thought so too. But I relistened and idk. Not trying to be negative but... I didn't like when he mentioned Goliath and "your USA". Idk. I played it for my husband and we were like... what is he saying??!

As we get down to the wire the truth will come out. Beny also said Turkey is ready to invade Kurdistan. Truth is funny like that- it always comes out

Trump is speaking now at our Civic Center for candidate for Senator…our daughter parked where she could see the motorcade go by…I'm watching the speech on TV!!

Good evening.... R we ALL ready to see change soon?

So ready we are going crosseyed looking for it

Someone is supposedly threatening Abadi...hence the abandonment of appearances.....hype most likely huh?

tig its like this...he couyld have made the speech, but its just a bunch of hot air because kurds are an issue and isis still has one small territrory left. ....or he could wait a few and strike a deal with barzani and finish off isis and have one hell of a bragging speech that would show that iraq is ready to go

Tool I agree Abadi being in country is the bigger deal for him..being there with with his people...I have seen Abadi walk with the people.. Being at the UN is not important in the grand scheme of things. Countries are investing in Iraq ..they will come to him/.

lonewolf yes. if and only if abadi shows up....even if he speaks from iraq, if he says kurds are happy and isis is gone completely...that is awesome and we can really be happy.....on another not...if he intends to not be there, why not just cancel....someone on his team is obviously telling the un...he will be there

I heard that if Iraq doesn't do this no. FOREX. Bruce call


adonis dont hang your hat on bruce.....deals are just not made that way

I agree re schedule..then again it could be a smokescreen for security reasons...Like where's Waldo..oh he's in Iraq spent his time cleaning up. I am going to watch the UN tomorrow anyway..need to solve this mystery lol


adonis he has been resched no less than 5 times so far.....lets see what goes down......either way it will have nothing to do with money, but it will be important

Tool: WE heard he was in Iraq trying to resolve the Kurd issue

Gadebate.un.org /en

We shouldn't be so selfish, thinking its about us

I believe

Oh ok

Adon...I hope and pray every day , just saying

That's good Tig... keep doing that

I believe

just fyi for any following ...... iraq has changed time again for sat....it is now in the morning session, going 17, last for the session...... https://gadebate.un.org/en/listbydate/2017-09-23

It is interesting that he is switching time slots. They did that earlier this week when he was still in Iraq. I hope his voice is better in the a.m. to shout Liberated!

Well as one so call guru would say time will tell lol


sometimes i want to reach through the phone and slap the "time will tell" right out of him....lol along with the 404 lady and the "donate" guy....ok, im done...need meds


HELLO! Are we there yet?

It has to end so why not tomorrow!! Just saying

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