Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Tuesday UPDATE for August 8, 2017

Reports coming to me from Iraqi TV, scuttlebutt from the mosque and conversations being shared among the citizens in Iraq:

 2 days to see the article 140 agreement in full activation.

ATM's are to be fully loaded (fils and lower denoms) on or by August 20.

Lower denoms are to be available on or by August 21 with the 1:1 ratio in effect.

Citizens are to be paid at the 1:1 ratio on August 21.

4 million cards are being mailed to citizens with a target date of August 21.

The public international revealing is supposedly several days after August 21. Time will tell!
Let's see how all of this unfolds and keep a watchful eye on other currencies.........JUST IN CASE! smile

I report..........YOU decide.

JBH4129: A lot of stuff happening on the 21st including solar eclipse hmmmm

Artneto :  Shabbi said, years ago, that once you see lower notes, give me 3-5 business days to deliver the international rate!!

ScienceGuy:  “This is not the end, this is not even the beginning of the end, this is just perhaps the end of the beginning.” Winston S. Churchill

Chessie:  What is the article 140 agreement mean - doesn't sound familiar...

NetGlobal: chessie, Article 140 pertains to the revenue sharing agreement between the Kurds and Baghdad

Dugster:  chessie Check this out. https://search4dinar.wordpress.com/2017/04/07/an-agreement-between-the​-center-and-the-region-to-activate-article-140/

JSL:  I can see the Billionaires having a HayDay with this 1 to 1 rate, if you think their rich now, Hang on, their about to go Hyper Sonic LOL… They should have just gone 3.71 to 1 and let it work like Kuwait, but Hey I guess their the experts, we shall see. At least seems finally doing something, At least their finally doing Something which is Great.!

ReaditNow:  1 to 1 is inside Iraq

JSL:  Read So you think it may be different at our exchange?

Readitnow:  yes, that's what we've been told for years

Rock1941:  remember daz has always said with the us there is a "multilplier"

Eccle519:  jsl: Kuwait was ready for a $3+ rate in the local market economy because that was the last, recent rate just months prior. Iraq's economy needs to adjust to $3+ Dinar rate after more than 20 years of using the dollar!   ...However, that's not to say the international rate won't be $2 to $3+

Yada:  readnow,,,,yes, 1dinar to 1 dollar in Iraq but when you take that 1 dinar  in the US, it will be equal to $3.71 of our dollars…

Yada:  Do you remember a time a statement was made that the dinar will be able to handle up to $16 -1 but in the process, it would have to work its way up,,,,

Freeway2:  yada - Hello - Shabibi said that in a speech he made at the Chamber of Commerce in DC years ago He actually said that Iraqi Could support $16.00, not that it was going that high, but they could support it.

Haystack:  Long ago it was stated the Dinar would be the strongest currency in the ME. Also I believe most have said $3+ so that is what I am expecting.

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