Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Airam:  After reading the PDF OF THE SBA .......you can see that Iraq followed the instructions given by the IMF ......Today the IMF agreed that Iraq has been compliant ......IMO enough for the release of the funds and at the same time the RV ......in what other way can Iraq repay that huge loan.......just my opinion  Link

Airam:  IMF is the one in charge.....follow the IMF and we will see the RV

Skipper2: Airam, you are correct. It has always been the IMF way to loan huge amounts to counties coming out of war... then the ReValuation takes place - so they can service the note

Denhel:  Funding for Iraq will be pulled if there are too many delays.We know contractors waiting to get started but they cannot wait for ever, they have to find work else where..

Skipper2:  Mobilization cost more than waiting...

RVAlready:  I don't think that meeting was about the RV. It was only the current status meeting. But they got a clean bill of health, as far as I can see.

So, next step, RV. As I said, they cannot tip their hand, and talk about the RV publicly. Silence does not imply negative motion.They do not need another review to RV. They can RV whenever they want.

But you will not see it coming. They could be in a closed door meeting to RV right now. Even if you found out about that meeting, they would deny it.

Same as Kuwait. If they do it right, it will hit you like a baseball bat to the back of the head. Just boom!

Read my lips: There is no delay. They are going as fast as they can.You just cannot see what is happening behind closed doors, and you never will.

I wish it could be done transparently, but it would wreck the markets to do so. It is a bit like a stock split. Nobody should know until it happens.
It took Kuwait a while to get it done, all the time denying that it was happening.

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