Friday, August 4, 2017


Tishwash:  this is a good thing I think:  “Moody’s gives stable outlook for Iraqi government”
( full article posted above)

Yada:  good article Tish,,,,,,the foundation of a strong Iraq is/has been established,,

Luvwulfs:  yada I never heard of an issurer rating, but as long as it's positive, I'm good. B- in crecit and a Caa1 in issuing. Let's go ;)

FutureMoney:  Definition: A rating within speculative grade Moody's Long-term Corporate Obligation Rating. Obligations rated Caa1 are judged to be of poor standing and are subject to very high credit risk. Rating one notch higher is B3. Rating one notch lower is Caa2.

FutureMoney:  something is screwy about this rating...if its is so bad , why were investors clamoring for the bonds that were just released???  also...why the did the rating come out AFTER the bonds were sold??? screwy

Freeway2:  futuremoney - I read that and was also wondering but thought maybe some of these investors know about the RV and are taking a chance on it happening in the near future….just a thought

Yada:  freeway,,it is not so much the RV investors are seeing, it is the emerging country as a whole and there are many aspects of growth and investments,,,

OffGrid:  Iraq's 7% yield on their bonds as an emerging market that is stable and/or improving is a Great Investment, imo ... they had greater demand for their bond offering than they had bonds

 Freeway2:  yada - Agree they are looking at Iraq as a whole and not as a RV investors like we all are. But have knowledge about it happening in the near future.

Red:  as investors were stepping all over each other trying to scoop up the $1 billion bond offer from Iraq this is a good sign for us...

Yada:  Freeway,,your knowledge is manifesting in other areas of investment,,,they are only able to keep their cards to their chest for so long and eventually they have to be played. They are guaranteed to win and we will be the first ones to cross that line of profitability,,,All we are seeing about growth and advancement are the things that will take place after we've exchanged,,

Ecubucs:  yada, So Right! Peel an onion.... We are that sweet core many layers beneath as far as the world is concerned! But the Beauty of this is.... We're THERE!!!

Yada:  Ecubucs,I'd say we are the first layer with the other investments issues the core,,we will be the first to profit in the great scheme of things

Sunny:  Anybody - If the IMF approved a rate at the meeting isn't there something about a 72 hour window for it to be made known? Anybody?

Golpheriam:  Bruce said Iraq had 72 hours after the approval to start the RV

Sunny:  Hey Family - is my thinking correct here? If you have just received $130 million from the UN and $825 million from the IMF at what rate would you want to have it available in a world that goes by the dollar? A rate of 1160 or $3.50 +/-???

Billyo:  I don't think it matters they are receiving it in the dollar form not the dinar 200 mill is 200 mil but I do believe we r there…. But we have to admit this is been the best news we've heard in many years I really think we're close

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