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Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call. I am going to bring everyone up to speed from several sources which no one else has. Some of my sources are people that no one else gets information from. I do know that. What is interesting as Sue mentioned is that someone of you out there are struggling. Some of you are struggling asking: Where is it? When is it going to happen? Some are selling their currency back or having to do that. I know people who have done that. What have I said for years now? We got to stay with something whatever it is to keep us going on Plan A. Sometimes it is just getting by. Sometimes it is just paying bills. Some of you are doing okay. You got decent jobs and not totally underneath debt, and I hope that is the case with most of you. but I know for some of you it is tight.

Bruce: We get prayer request sometimes as you all know about financial needs. I hope not anyone is ultimately relying on the RV or blessing but on God as your provider and being motive to go out and create income for yourself or work at a job do something and look at this blessing as just as a blessing coming in. I have been in this for 13 years. If someone said Bruce this not coming for 13 years, would my prospective be different? Yes. Would I have done the Big Call? I don’t know. I am glad I have been involved with it for the last 6 years. My own focus might have changed. I would create an income stream and use it as my retirement. If realistically it would have happened was 6 years away instead of 13 years now, I would have taken a different tact.

Bruce: Someone of you have gotten in this the last 3 to 5 years, some even the last 6 months, and don’t have those years of calls behind you like many of you have the last 6 years. I would say this I know people are selling their currency back to create some income so they can survive. They are in survival mode. I want to realize my job as a leader, I am not a Guru, but what I am is a leader taking a little bit of charge. I am going to try to help you, motivate you, and encourage you. I give you up hope. I believe this is very close.

Bruce: You know by the sound of my voice how close I have felt this is. We try not to call it on the Big Call because we are getting information for the most part not that it been wrong, but it just not yet. Some of it is time frames, rates, and release times, but I know it is not wise to put it out because it could be wrong. I don’t want to be wrong to people. I want to be helpful and correct. I take Intel and merge it into something that is true. I know that there is something to it. Something that is seriously correct and I try to bring that to you. That is my emphasis. I am not doing it for the fun of it. I am trying to help the community of large. My goal is to work together after the blessing comes in to do something with our country as Rebuild America, and with veterans with the Veterans Retreat Network. Also work with ministries in a number of areas. Bible distribution in China, helping Israel with the Jerusalem Prayer team, and other number of things we plan to do.

Bruce: The point is I want everybody to be on the same page so we all say it sounds meaningful, say that is a project I can get by. I don’t need your money. I will have plenty of money. It is about building something as a team. I have been on a team since the age of 8. You have to realize this is about us trying to make a difference in our world. Have a purpose in our lives. We do. The Redemption Centers refer to us as the Chosen Ones because we been chosen to be part of this, to live at this time and witness what is about to happen across this world. I am going to be like a coach to stay with this to understand we are almost there and try to do what you need to survive until this come through. I want you to thrive and everyone on your plan A until the blessing, Plan B, comes through. We will be okay in some ways, and create some challenges for us. Enough is enough but too much maybe too much for some of us. We will have to deal with situations we never had before. We have such potential to help humanity all over the globe, and make a difference in people’s lives.

Bruce: Bob, Steven, Kent, Sue, everybody wants to be part of this. At the Redemption Centers let them know we are in the early stages to plan for it and plan to do big with Rebuild America with at least 5000 volunteers to help us adopt a city, town, community. It will take some time to put together, probably 6 months, to build out the template, and to get the concepts out there what we are going to do. It is in the planning stages. I am looking forward to working with Bob, Kent, the team leaders. We will do it. We will do also in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic, and other areas such as Honduras, Central America.

Bruce: All of what I am saying is this as a community as Dinarland, Zimlandia, whatever you want to call it, us paying attention as the Internet Group, those paying attention, I want this whole community to realize we are all in the same boat. It is a pretty big boat. We all need to row the same way. Why can’t we look at the idea to come together? I don’t care if you are Tony, RayRen, Yosef, Tank, Dr WC, Fisher. All you people out there on different calls, blogs, let’s get together and work as a community. I think we would get a lot more done. We will share ideas. Bruce: Rebuild America is just not my idea. I am open to other people to be part of that. I want to make a difference we all can be proud of. I want to say I want to unite the community. I want this group listening to the Big Call, we are a group of people and we want to see a positive change in this world all over. Consider yourselves part of that if that is where God is bringing you and is part of your heart. I am excited to get started with this. I hear things all the time. I am not negative. I don’t get down. I am excited everyday for the potential is for this blessing. I am excited to get started. I am ready to go. Many of you are the same way as I am. You are excited to get started. Lord willing this thing comes soon for us. We are ready, the banks and redemption Centers are ready.

Bruce: Specific Intel Now. Iraq has been sending emails to people in their own country with these Qi cards that the rates are changing. Some people have talked about the lower denominations being in the ATM machines. Yes they are. Are they ready to go yet? I can’t get confirmations of that. I thought they would be ready yesterday or today. They are poised to start. Fils coins are not in the ATM machines. They are in the banks and the stores. They don’t put coins in the ATM machines. You get bills, lower denoms out of the ATMs. The fils will be in the banks, and stores to make change. That is what that is about.

Bruce: In Iraq things are happening to move this along. There are rates that have been temporary put on cards. When they look up their cards to see the rate showing it is there, it is a tease, then it leaves, then it flashes, then it is solid. They are playing that game until they drop the rate in. Until that rate drops in I don’t think we can go and the rate is on the CBI and on their Qi cards. Iraq sort is in a holding pattern that has been relaxed from chapter 7. They are moving into chapter 8 with the UN. We are just waiting for their rate to drop in. Yes we heard their budget will be reviewed on the 21st. Does it mean we have to wait until the 21st? No, do not believe that. Forget about that. Don’t see that at all.

Bruce: Indonesia with the Indonesia Rupiah. Do you realize that Indonesia redenominated their currency lasts night? Indonesia redenominated. What does that mean? That means that they put out new lower denominations that can be utilized while their Indonesia Rupiah at larger denominations are exchanged in country while we outside in the United States that have Rupiah will exchange it. Otherwise why did they redenominate their currency last night? That is how close we are.

Bruce: What about this 888? It is August 8, 2017. What is up with that? I don’t know. I thought we be there. I have not totally given up tonight. It is possible .Indonesia has redenominated; Iraq is treading water waiting for this thing to go to drop their rate. Then we have rumors of exchanges in France on the ZIM. I can’t confirm it yet. 

Bruce: In the United States we have confirmed rates for the Vietnamese Dong on screens front and back at decent screen rates at over 2 dollars. I heard rates today and seen them climb today at several different banks. That is happening. Some people tried to exchange then were told they couldn’t even though the rates were on the screens at the bank. That is how close we are.

Bruce: Out West where things are popping, they really started a surge of activity yesterday continuing today. They are getting things done. There are certain groups being paid. Certain SKRs that have been paid out and continue to pay out. That might take another 36 to 48 hours for all the SKRs to be paid out. These were accounts that were on hold, pending, prepaids, and we are hearing that people exchanged very recently will have access to funds tomorrow. Timing to have access to funds is there like tomorrow.

Bruce: Does it mean we all go soon? I don’t know. I am just saying we are hearing very positive things of the SKRs. Do we have to wait until all the SKRS to be liquid to go next? NO. I have been told that today by people I trust. I think we are in a very good place to go forward. I would say this I know tonight there are certain opportunities that certain media outlets that are new and that are trusted will get informationtonight around the globe. I know how it is going and who is doing it. I will tell you this it doesn’t mean it will be dissimilated immediately, but when it does comes out, it is coming out.

Bruce: I know the John Q Public, not us, will have a start time of approximate time of the first week in September. We will have a time, the Internet Group, 6 to 9 days to exchange at the Redemption Centers. I know there is a period after that we will be working with our 2nd appointments with our wealth managers, Abbot Downing, etc. Our initial exchange will only be an hour long. Just to get in, get one or two accounts set up, get our initial skeleton trust together, that kind of thing. Time to exchange, privately negotiate the rates, and redeem the ZIM bond. We are right at the precipice for this to go.

Bruce: We will have that two week period after we finish to do the 2nd and possible 3rd appointments to get everything set up with wealth managers, CPAs, and lawyers, to do all we need to do to get ourselves in position to get to working on things. Don’t forget vacations, new car, moves, new homes, etc all going on. Those of us on the Big Call we are going to take a month off to get our personal stuff lined up. We will get a new pod cast, and when we do come back on, we will put all on the site so you all can be part of it. I hope most of you want to be part of this. I want to have fun with this too. I will have a vacation time, chill, do a little traveling. I will do that, but at the same time our responsibility is far greater. We have been chosen for this. You do have a purpose. I have given you some options, and I want you to be part of this. You are welcome to be part of this. I would love to have you. As far as getting out that information out, I don’t know how quickly it will be available or known, but I know it is being worked with now even as we speak. I am excited about that. That tells me something. It gives me something solid. 

Bruce: There are a lot of solid things that are happening right now behind the scenes and we are not too far away from it. That is all I can tell you about it. We are very close to it. I am excited where we are and the community at large coming together, working together as one body. I love to see that. It may not happen that way, but I hope so. I would love for all of us to come together. We all are on the same boat. No one is going to get there faster than anybody else. We all long to arrive at the port at the same time. We will do something fun. We will do something new, excited, and meaningful to help people. We will do something and say “Man I made a difference in this world in his life, her life”. Then pretty soon those numbers will grow. It would be just them it will be a community, a town, a whole city, part of a country you are affecting. I am excited. I can see it and have a vision for it, and I want you to stay excited.

Bruce: If you have to sell your currency to live, I get it. I did that. I went a year with no income. I got my act together and figured it out. Then I bought that currency back. I am glad I did. This is something that we are all a part of. No one in this community is any better than anyone else. We are all in this together. We are here to do the work, here for a purpose. Let us stay together, stay plugged in, stay tuned in and we are going to go places no one in history has ever gone with what we have and what we are going to do with it. We will see a lot of change in our world, changes that you can’t even believe. Technology and disclosure. A lot is happening. Let us just believe so our world stays together so we can do this.

Bruce: Thank you everybody for tuning in and for being faithful. Thanking my team Sue, Bob, Kent, and Pastor Steven. Thank you all Big Call audience for tuning in and being part of this incredible time we are in. Good night everybody.


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