Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Hi everyone, (My Bank Experience)

Before visiting the Bank I spent several minutes preparing and visualizing the result that I wanted. I took the thoughts, merged them with the emotion of love within the heart to produce the “feeling” that would communicate with the field. This “feeling” would produce the end or the “new reality” that I wanted. It was a success.

I just got back from a visit to my local bank where I spoke to the directing manager. A great conversation concerning my TDA account and accessing this Treasury Account and the Federal Reserve Bank wiring money directly to my local bank account.

I briefly told her I was part of a larger group that filed papers in 2010-2012 with the Federal Government establishing sovereignty for all men and doing away with the “Strawman” identity process the banking system currently has. I said the system was fraudulent and it wasn’t right.

All through my 10 minute review I gave her, she nodded in approval from time to time, accepting every thing I said, not objecting to one single thing,……than saying at the end of my discourse,…..”How do you want me to help you”!. I almost fell off the chair.

I said, I wanted to access my treasury account at the Federal Reserve Bank in my district and have money wired from my account there to my bank account here. I would fill out the paper work for a wire transfer from my TDA account to my personal checking account here. 

She immediately said that probably would not work because the FRB does not deal with private individuals or private bank accounts. She than asked me,……Do you have any other ways to access your money? I almost fell over,…..she indirectly acknowledged that the money in the TDA account was mine and said helpfully, …..You might try the FRB website and look for a way to access you account, lord only knows, we all could use the money, everyone is struggling.

I’m currently looking at a few ways to gain access, and will report back later. I look at this encounter as very successful,…..Another energetic connection has been made with the “Field” relative to the TDA accounts and our wanting to access them,……so lets all join in and add to the “field”,……we will soon have access.


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