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Exchange Checklist - (Author Unknown).

You may want to modify, edit or make a copy to fit your own individual needs

Exchange Checklist

Bank appointment for Currency EXCHANGE Instructions/Checklist

Bank Name_________________________________________

Bank 800#__________________________________________

“I am calling to schedule a foreign currency exchange”

My name is ___________________________________________

My zip code is __________________

My e-mail address is (If they ask for it) ________________________________

I have ________________________ IQN (Iraqi) currency

I have ________________________ VNN (Vietnamese) currency

I have ________________________1000 notes from 2000 of IDN (Indonesian) currency

I have _________100 Trillion, ________ 50 Trillion, _______ 20 Trillion and _______ 10 Trillion 2008 AA notes of ZWN (Zimbabwe) currency

I have _________ of ___________ (other foreign currency)

FILL IN THE BLANKS for EXCHANGE appointment information that you get from call the
center representative:

Your appointment Information:

Date _________________________

TIME _________________________

The Location _____________________________________________________

The Day of Your Appointment Things To Do

1. Make sure you know where you are going. Arrive early so you can “get yourself together, take a deep breath”. Do not loiter. If you are too early, stay SECURELY in the general area but not in the bank parking lot!

2. Remember to get in and get the EXCHANGE done, there a lot of other people behind you in line so be thoughtful of their time as well. You will have time for questions at your second appointment with your new Private Banker/Wealth Manager.

3. Be discrete, be professional, and be alert and aware of your surroundings. BREATHE! Seriously consider hiring security to accompany you to your appointment or bring a trusted friend.

4. Collect business cards from everyone or take their name and phone numbers as well as the location of their regular branch office.

5. Read and Sign the NDA. ( if there is one) If it is simple and states you cannot tell anyone except your spouse, lawyer, or CPA (These are the people that need to know how you came about your money for tax purposes) how you came about all of your new found wealth, sign it and move forward with your exchange. Be prepared to uphold it! If you break the terms, you could lose your new found wealth. If the NDA is more complex and you are not comfortable with it, simply let them know you would like to explore your options with another banking institution. They may or may not waive the NDA. REMEMBER TO GET A COPY OF THE NDA IF YOU SIGNED IT.

The Day of Your Appointment Things NOT To Do

Do not demand anything while at the bank or act like a lunatic, you will be escorted out.

Remember the Golden Rule “Treat others the way you wish to be Treated”!!!

Items Suggestions to Bring to the EXCHANGE Appointment

(Check off the list as you put all items needed together to make sure you remember everything)

Driver’s License

Second form of ID (a credit card or passport)

Your most recent utility bill (Water, power, etc.) to confirm residency in case you have never held an account with the bank you will be exchanging with or for another form of ID

Power of Attorney Paperwork (If you are exchanging for someone else)

A pad, pen to take notes, calculator

Receipts for all currency purchased or gifting letter if they were a gift in case they are needed (Do not offer them, only do so if they are requested)

IQN / VNN / IDN/ ZWN currency

Have your TOD designees (Transferable on Death) full legal names, phone numbers, addresses and Social Security Numbers written down that you want listed on your accounts. You can have multiple TOD designations per account (Wife/Husband, Children, Grandchildren, Nieces/Nephews, etc.)

Have a list of Cashier’s Checks you will need, if any, along with the exact amounts and who they need to be Payable to

Decide in advance if you will be requesting cash for “Pocket Money” before hand and how much.

DO NOT get more than $9,500 unless you would like Uncle Sam to visit you. Also remember the more you take with you, the bigger the target you are for thieves! BE SMART!!! Do you have a safe to store cash in????

Know the ceiling rate!!! Make sure you do not get hit with a Spread Fee! If you do not like the spread fee they are charging simply let them know (In a Professional manner) you will go to another bank.


Name of Bank Exchanger ____________________________________________

Bank ____________________________________________

Branch ___________________________________________

IQN Checking Account Number__________________________________________

IQN Checking Routing Number __________________________________________

IQN Savings Account Number (Deposit 50% of your Exchange for Taxes just in case and do not touch until Tax Time) _________________________________________

Add TOD (Transferable on Death) Names to Accounts (Checking and Savings) Make sure you receive copies of the deposit slips and all account information

Get Clean and Clear Certificates – at least 10 or more (Documentation that your money is not tied to anything illegal)

Get starter checks if needed until your checks arrive Get ATM card if you want one Set up Online Banking if wanted Inquire about Extra Insurance for your funds

VNN Checking Account Number__________________________________________

VNN Checking Routing Number __________________________________________

VNN Savings Account Number (Deposit 50% of your Exchange for Taxes just in case and do not touch until Tax Time) _________________________________________

IDN Checking Account Number__________________________________________

IDN Checking Routing Number __________________________________________

IDN Savings Account Number (Deposit 50% of your Exchange for Taxes just in case and do not touch until Tax Time) _________________________________________

ZWN Checking Account Number__________________________________________

ZWN Checking Routing Number __________________________________________

ZWN Savings Account Number (Deposit 50% of your Exchange for Taxes just in case and do not touch until Tax Time) _________________________________________


Set second appointment with a Private Banker or Wealth Manager (The bank will guide as to who you need to speak with based on your EXCHANGE/ deposit amount

This appointment will be the one in which you discuss all of your options for investment and
your “perks”

Private Banker Name__________________________

Telephone Number____________________________

Appointment time ______________

Location _____________________________





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