Thursday, August 3, 2017

RayRen98 Bank Contacts - CONFIRMED! , 3 AUGUST

Everybody knows by now that Ray isn't using PayPal for accepting "Donations" for reasons he is unwilling to share.

With the thousands of callers Ray has on his show, caller 610 seems to make it to every call and inform you how Ray wants the check payments sent to him.

Checks would be deposited into his bank account or withdrawn from the issuing bank in some manor or form. Withdrawing in cash would be a rumor heard around Dinarland, to avoid reporting, but treat that as a rumor.

In order to handle those transactions, Ray would meet a teller.

So, Ray does have bank contacts. If he makes those deposits often, he even might be on a first name basis with them.

Remember to treat as rumor about Ray going to the banks those checks are drafted on and "Cashing Out" on his Dinar Investment Guru Deal.

We wouldn't want rumors to spread around Dinarland. There's enough already about on how folks are going to get rich through bogus revaluation talk...

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