Thursday, August 10, 2017

NEWS:The Tigris-Euphrates «» and revitalizing the economy, 10 AUGUST

Mohamed abdelzahra Al-Hindawi

In the wake of the financial crisis that hit Iraq in the year 2014 and accompanied by a security crisis, fear and anxiety of possible dangerous repercussions of the crisis had reached its extent, and there were expectations of local and international experts that Iraq would collapse economically in the first half of the year 2015 at best to the end of that year, such fears have been issued by Government Ministers! When they said that the Government would be unable to pay the salaries of its employees for lack of funds to ensure that the salaries of nearly 38 trillion dinars; there is no doubt that such attitudes and statements cast a negative reality in all its details, and staff fear haunted of salary may stop.

Certainly, the fears of this kind would be justified in a country that does not have any financial resources only oil, and with the continuing collapse in price, I had to search for solutions and contribute to the transformation of the Defense's case and try to get out of the crisis with minimal losses to event planning or at least near, and that's what happened, the zelkalshroa a number of processors to improve the reality of those development solutions review investment projects and finding financial resources Oil and other actions that prompted a number of international organizations and friendly States to express its readiness to support Iraq through soft loans.

But despite these loans and facilitated their modesty but ultimately constitute a burden on the economy and, therefore, they need to run an efficient administration to achieve desired economic and social viability, especially after the considerable economic success in the current August 2 of Iraq's entry into global financial markets after the release of the sovereign authority of the second international outer (Euphrates) lasts more than five years, and the sudden more than 350 global investment companies vied with each other to buy the bond Iraq, these companies represent total global financial figure up to 12 trillion dollars, with the volume of orders to about 6 trillions of dollars to prop (Euphrates) secured Iraqi by the Iraqi Government and not by any other international side as in the first bond (Tigris) which included a United States Government.

And when we talk about investment turnout by prestigious companies to buy bonds, meaning that whatever funding outlet plaster Iraq contribute to chronic deficit financing of the budget, as well as

About moving the wheel of economic activity,

And this will be done by another Economist wechgaia assurance for businessmen and investors to force entry into Iraq and participate in the reconstruction of the liberated areas, thus dispelling all fears that were in involved in economic affairs.

But more important is that this Administration is the level of importance, because the ceremony was not easy at all, but is the product of great and painstaking efforts made by national team members who were holding high national spirit, as well as being a distinguished expert witness them economic arenas at the national and international levels, so that should be preserved and properly directing that serve the country's development.


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