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ZsaZsa10:  Following is a story from a very good friend of mine that I received on July 11.  Enjoy!

Just wanted to share a little story with you guys, Xxxxxxx is out of town working and while checking into a hotel, a Sargent from the US army was behind him waiting to check in.

He had just come back from leading his troops into battle against Isis in Mosul.

Xxxxxxx only asked him if he thought Mosul had been taken back and did he think Iraq would become international.

He relied, Ooooohhh Yessss, if you have some of that dinar money your gonna be just fine, in about 3-4 months.

Whats funny is Xxxxxxx never mentioned the dinar to him at all.

RVDoc: Frank,  Here is what I mentioned tonight on chat, and I am hoping you can share some thoughts on two questions.

There are those who are newbies and those who actually may not have a clear understanding on the requirements of lifting of sanctions, the full implementation Iraq needs, etc..  but still I ponder these questions as to Internationalism and function of the IQD with respect to the RI or  RV.

1.  We know that the sanctions imposed on Iraq came with the creation of new money and a rate that was set or imposed on it. Many of us know the state department design and have read the outline for Iraq.  We also know the purpose of sanctions is to effect international flow of money.   It is an impingement and punishment and a way to stop the ability of commerce and use of money for a country.

 I see people give out the question or speculate on if the RI or RV will cause lifting of sanctions.  We realize that this is not how it works , the UN and the sanctions have specific requirements, and they are all being addressed, but not completed yet.

So here is what I realize, at least in my awkward mind,, when we see Russia under sanctions, it does not impose a rate devaluation or go as far as we did with Saddam where we destroyed his money.  In that light, rate can be adjusted or not with sanctions.

So the  new IQD, or not so new now,,,lol,,  is it not possible even though we want it to go hand in hand that they lift sanctions, where they effect the RV even under sanctions and that the sanctions will remain until all requirements are met?  And with our ability to have IQD via the executive order, that we can have the value for our nation, but still there are sanctions that impose international flow of the IQD?

2.  And if so, would it not be possible that it be done that way with regard to the latest sanctions of Russia, Iran and North Korea, which impedes their international flow which may hinder their use of the IQD and any value or interaction of positive gain from the RV?

And can not the sanction of Iraq and those countries give us complete control of these new sanctions for R/I/NK not profiting from the RI or RV?  Ohh wouldn't that be nice??

There is more, but I believe that Abadi wanted the 2 months as a gauge or possible timelines to free Iraq for International, but that does not mean they are as crippled by sanctions as we all think,, IMHO!  It would stop some contracts with Russia and block some input by Iran, very good for the US,, but it would all depend on how severe the flow is impeded by sanctions and the level of sanctions, yes?

Maybe Trump is smarter than many think??


JesusLovesBaseball:  I love the usage of the word "anxious" in the title of the article!  lol

TILLERSON: My country is "anxious" for Iraq's unity and sovereignty

Last updated: 5 August 2017 - 9:29 p

 BAGHDAD / US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Haider Abadi the position of the United States and its keenness on the unity of Iraq and respect for its constitution.

The statement said the Information Office of the Prime Minister today: Tillerson "renewed congratulations on the victories of Iraqi forces in the battle of Mosul, Praising the wisdom of the leadership and the high level of coordination in the battle.

"The US Secretary of State to continue support for Iraq's efforts in the post-urging." For his part, Abadi stressed Iraq's determination to complete the liberation of all its territory and restore stability.

Abadi pointed out the importance of focusing on providing services to citizens and moving the economy through combating corruption, encouraging investment and raising obstacles, and the importance of regional and international openness to Iraq, stressing the need not to distract efforts by side differences and focus on what serves the stability, unity, and prosperity of Iraq.   LINK


JesusLovesBaseball:  Rafidain pays the salaries of electricity Salah al-Din and the health of Anbar

Rafidain Bank announced the release of salaries of employees of the Directorate General for the production of electric power in Salahuddin, one of the formations of the Ministry of Electricity and Anbar Health Department.

The bank's information office said in a statement that "the bank has distributed the salaries of employees of those two departments after the arrival of sukuks of their amounts from their circles."

He pointed out that "the disbursement was through an electronic payment tool."



JesusLovesBaseball:  Employees on the right side of Mosul are demanding their salaries
04 August, 2017

A number of staff from the Nineveh Health Department on the right side of Mosul called for speeding up their late salaries.

Assistant technical director in the right sector Hani Jassim Mohammed said he was forced to go back and forth between his home and the health center in the Mansour district because he does not have the freight.

Staff at the health center itself indicated that their economic situation had deteriorated considerably.



JesusLovesBaseball:  30 countries will participate in the Sharm el-Sheikh Stock Exchange in September

7 hours ago

Cairo / Press tomorrow:

involved 30 countries from around the world in Bursa "Sharm el - Sheikh for tourism and travel" for a period of four days, next September, during the International Festival of Afro - Asian tourism within the department.

"Thirty countries from around the world will participate in the Sharm el-Sheikh tourism and travel market for a period of four days in September, during the Afro-Asian International Coral Reef," the correspondent of Al-Ghad Press said.

"More than 10,000 people will participate in the festival, among travel and tourism makers, companies, hotels, sellers, buyers and the international and local press," he said.

"The festival is being organized by Grand Blue Tourism Company through a collaboration protocol with Dream Arts, which will be held during the first edition of the annual exhibition of international tourism business, for more than 5,000 visitors in four days at the Sharm El Sheikh market.

"It is expected that 14,000 people will visit until September 20, where the Sharm el-Sheikh Tourism and Travel Exchange will hold its annual conference, which includes more than 1,000 travel workers, government ministers and the international press to showcase and explore the latest trends in the tourism industry through the Sharm Sheikh for Travel and Tourism ".

He pointed out that "

The conference will help travel industry professionals communicate and access news, developments, trends and technologies from around the world through industrial networks, global reach and regional focus to create better personal and business opportunities. " And offers international exhibitors the opportunity to travel to the Middle East travel industry with an ideal platform to reach both regional and international customers. "

He added:" The countries participating in the festival are: Egypt, Russia, China, Sweden , Norway, India, Morocco, Japan, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Algeria, Korea, UAE, Tunisia, Libya, Iraq, Jordan, Singapore, Benin, Australia, South Africa, Denmark, Thailand, Colombia, Brazil and the United Kingdom.


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