Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Stranger:  DELTA.....(if you please...)

On July 26th you said (from the recording on that Wednesday CC) that....

"...When you know the LD's are about to come out...we'll see the rate first."
and again....
"The IMF told the GOI to lift the restrictions.  All they need is the rate.  They need the rate BEFORE the LD's."
Question: Were you talking IYO about any rate (which could be used within Iraq ONLY) or the "TRUE RATE" (an international rate, Forex, etc. type)?

Thank you for your time and effort all these years! If you can't answer this...it's ok.


StephenMac63:   RE: WS post 60, subject 60 countries to help rebuild Iraq....you do realize that is almost one third of the countries in the world willing to help? They are not going to help if they dont believe in Iraq's capability.

Walkingstick:  An Iraqi official said 60 countries had pledged to participate in the reconstruction of areas affected by military operations against Da'ash.

"We have been able to get real promises from 60 countries to participate in the reconstruction campaign," said Mustapha al-Hiti, head of the fund for the reconstruction of the areas affected by terrorism, adding that "Kuwait has announced its readiness to host the donor conference on its soil."

He explained that "the Fund met a call from the World Bank to discuss the reconstruction of areas affected by terrorism in the US capital Washington on the tenth of this month in the presence of nearly 35 countries."

He pointed to the readiness of about 60 countries for the reconstruction of Iraq, depending on the types of participation, whether money or the entry of companies and others.

This comes at a time when the Ministry of Construction, Municipalities and Municipalities in cooperation with the World Bank to implement projects to rehabilitate the destroyed bridges in the liberated provinces, as well as the implementation of projects to provide water, was agreed with a Korean company to implement low-cost housing units in those areas.


Iobey77:  So a lot of the countries may not have "billions" to pour into Iraq, but they may have technology, skills, trades, machines,ideas and some laborers to help in the reconstruction. Is this what this is talking about? 


Walkingstick:  According to NASDAQ.. A 3 day "Bond"  roadshow, beginning ... July 28th

JesusLovesBaseball:  Ends in New York on Tuesday. Too cool! Thank you Walkingstick for all the amazing information. We really appreciate i

Wn3:  Guess what?  There are 2 more COINS.

1 DINAR COIN and a 2 DINAR COIN … just like a $1.00 USD and $2.00 USD bill.

Just as Canada has the Loonie and the Toonie, saves on the most used currency wearing out - dollar bills.

Upstart:  Likewise, the UK has £1.00 and £2.00 coins

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