Saturday, August 5, 2017

Iraq studies oil swap for reconstruction, 5 AUGUST

Iraq studies oil swap for reconstruction

Journal  August 1, 2017

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq's 
oil and energy committee unveiled a proposal to swap oil for the reconstruction of terrorism-hit areas with major powers, notably the United States,

"Iraq is considering resorting to barter in the reconstruction of liberated areas and will be according to the prices of Iraqi crude oil, and this is done by most of the countries of the world," MP Tareq Siddiq told the Journal News.

"The financial crisis due to terrorism and low oil prices have prompted the Iraqi government to study this proposal for the reconstruction of areas affected by terrorism," he said.

The Committee on Services and Reconstruction parliamentary considered the resort to Iraq to barter "stealing the money of Iraq" by the major powers, including America.

"Iraq today has experts and scientists in the field of oil, it is not possible for the United States to steal Iraq's money," said Tawfiq al-Kaabi, a member of the committee.

He added that it is hoped to hold a global conference in Iraq for the purpose of discussing mechanisms for the reconstruction of Iraq, stressing that "these ages come through the price and this price is oil, which has no other Iraq."

"The United States is trying to acquire Iraq's financial and oil capabilities by confronting the reconstruction campaigns of the liberated areas," he said. "Hundreds of contracts have been discovered between the Iraqi government and the Washington administration, which hopefully will be implemented soon."


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