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Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Late Tuesday PM 8-01-17

chattels: The Iraqi federal budget is estimated at more than 68 billion U.S dollars (79 trillion Iraqi dinars) with the total budget deficit of 21 billion U.S dollars. Point to be noted that the oil price was selected at 42 U.S dollars per barrel. http://www.iraqinews.us/iraqi-federal-budget-2017-approved/

chattels: The original 2017 budget was approved in December, worth 78 trillion dinars, with a projected deficit worth 30 trillion dinars. The parliament approved the revised version last Monday with a seven trillion dinar increase, with a projected deficit of 25 trillion dinars.

​Cree: @chattels Trillion with a "T"

chattels: @Cree Yes, which is billions on U.S. dollars

chattels: @Cree on = in

Cree: @chattels Are you talking about potential events leading to an RV or a nucleus to wipe out countries...

dave: 21 billion usd equals about 25 trillion dinar

noname: I br ought a artical in today the CBI governor talking a out the budget deficit and could not attract investors.

noname: I br ought a artical in today the CBI governor talking a out the budget deficit and could not attract investors.

Cree: @chattels Before we wipe out China, can we save some of their restaurants? Their Chinese food is better then our Chinese food.....

noname: About

chattels: @Cree Not understanding your question(s).

Cree: @chattels This sounds more real then most other stuff we hear.....

Cree: @chattels Are we talking about the potential RV or I saw some threads about nuclear war. I'm confused....

chattels: @Cree I was simply posting budget info since that seemed to be the topic in the chat room.

Cree: @chattels ok....

noname: We were discussing a reported IMF loan of 825 billion

chattels: @Cree I just came in / on.

noname: Need a artical

Cree: @chattels so is there anything here to be excited about? I usually do not get excited as we know.....

Cree: @chattels so did I

Cree: @chattels I know you know all these issues so that is why I was asking....

dave: its Tuesday Cree...plenty to excited about when tomorrow is Wednesday

noname: @dave humpday

chattels: @Cree It is hard for me to imagine how a loan(s) make for an attractive environment to " RV ".

chattels: @Cree Loans are made to stabilize / maintain solvency for economies.

chattels: @Cree I think we want stability created / maintained by Iraq without foreign lending.

dave: Agree chattel ...But Iraq has reserves where most other countries have huge deficits

Tebow: it's article

noname: @chattels 825 billion should put them on there feet. A loan is needed for several reasons. Build Credit. Score stiliblity

chattels: @dave Iraq owes more than they have in foreign currency reserves.

dave: Paris debt???
​chattels: Iraq’s foreign reserves down to US$49 bn http://www.iraqinews.com/business-iraqi-dinar/iraqs-foreign-reserves-us49-bn/

ElmerFudd: Hey guys do we have any more info on prices dropping in Iraq?

noname: The CBI governor said a few weeks ago he could cover what dinar was out 3 times

dave: another 5 billion in gold

chattels: Iraq’s foreign, domestic debts exceed US$100 bn


noname: It's called re-finance.

chattels: @noname I do not believe him / it.

dave: What of the Paris accord ....loan forgiveness.......after looking for weapons of masss dertuction

dave: destuction

noname: @chattels I do

ElmerFudd: Hey guys do we have any more info on prices dropping in Iraq?

noname: @ElmerFudd I dont

chattels: @noname I am glad of your confidence.

noname: @chattels why would he like to the world

dave: was at 50.00 last night...more for brent crude

Cree: Well I always seem to have a comment, but on this conversation I do not.... hmmmmmm

noname: @chattels lie

chattels: @noname The same reason that people lie on loan applications.

noname: @chattels we agree to disagree.

chattels: @noname I am not being argumentative. I am just responding to questions.

noname: @chattels 49 billion equals what 16 + trillion dinar. I believe him

chattels: @noname I am genuine pleased for you that you are confident about the solvency of Iraq. I wish that I could be.

noname: @chattels I enjoy your take on iraq

chattels: @noname Where is the room for an increase in value given your numbers ?

Cree: Well heading out for dinner to digest all. BBL

noname: @chattels oil gold 90 tons and minerals to start with

chattels: @noname Is it reasonable to think that the marketplace will accept payment of pre RV debt at a post RV value ?

chattels: @Cree bye

noname: @chattels in the use our dinars will go the our treasury for oil credits. Iraq will pay with oil. That is my belief.

noname: @chattels usa

chattels: An imperial short ton of gold would is worth: $29,916,160 (USD) x's 90 is ........................
​chattels: About 2.5 billion dollars ?
chattels: Chicken feed if my calculations are correct.

chattels: The cost of rebuilding Mosul is estimated to exceed 100 billion dollars.
chattels: Jubourri stated today that Iraq cannot do it.

noname: @chattels not at 1184.000

chattels: Jubouri: The destruction of liberated cities is too large and exceeds the capacity of Iraq


Tebow: it will take years to rebuild

chattels: @noname Why would the world value the dinar at more than the current rate ?

noname: @chattels in 1941 Iraq signed a treaty and the IQD was 2.80. Why was it worth so much then? And not now.

noname: @chattels look up the history of the IQD

chattels: @noname I suspect that a few things may have changed since 1941, but honestly I do not know.

chattels: @noname I can assure that I am fairly well read on the subject.

noname: @chattels war torn yes. But more resources
noname: @chattels I'm sure you are

chattels: @noname I have a lot of dinar. I just don't know that it is going to be very valuable in the near(er) term.

chattels: @noname I am not selling, but I am not buying either.
chattels: @noname It may be my children or grandchildren who benefit from all of this.

noname: @chattels later. Time to watch the 5

chattels: @noname I promise to celebrate with if I am wrong and I will sing your praises to high heaven :)

tman23: Iraq has a little over 3 billion in gold....... England has 315 billion in gold....... Saudis reported in 2015 over 770 billion in currency reserves.......

Iraq isn't even on the radar when comparisons are being made SO the next best thing is to call it the cradle of life....(oh the irony in that statement eh?)......

And then pull up past history...!! Greece was once an Empire......Where is Italy in todays economy, they were once the Roman Empire....... My point being..... History of what once was doesn't mean it will be that again......

chattels: @noname Just finished watching Tucker and now the %

Sergio: @noname the decline in the dinar started in the first gulf war but really changed in 2003. Then iraq had a choice to float it or go with a program rate. So that how we got to today

noname: @chattels I read and listen to the articles that come from the CBI. Nothing much else.

noname: @chattels CBI and goi have nothing to do with the other.
noname: @chattels separate

noname: @chattels later
chattels: @noname Seriously ?
chattels: @noname laterz

Sergio: After the gulf war sanctions where where put on Iraq which the saddum raised the value to about 3.20 whiched he used to try to bribe people in the UN in the oil for food program. Remember the Iraqi bank was controlled by him and he could do what ever he wanted. That is not the case today. The CBI is trying to conform with the IMF.

ElmerFudd: When is their big IMF meeting?

Sergio: Hope that explanation helps.
​Spectra: What you mean really is the CBI is now forced to conform!
Spectra: Iraq did not have a choice!
Sergio: @Spectra yup
Sergio: @Spectra hello there

Spectra: right

chattels: Abadi: Restoring stability to liberated areas is a top priority


chattels: Equal to the eradication of corruption, DAESH, etc. ?

chattels: Iraq has a lot of unfunded priorities, eh ?

Spectra: Well yes

ElmerFudd: When is their big IMF meeting?

Sergio: @Spectra it read how the whole RV got started. It was started by those in Egypt

chattels: The world is too much with me this evening. I need some " dreamtime ". Laterz all.

Spectra: Egypt!
Spectra: @chattels gn !

Sergio: @Spectra during the war peeps in Egypt stated buying dinars and holding them

Spectra: @chattels sleep well! :)
Spectra: @Sergio interesting

Sergio: @Spectra when the value went up a few clicks in 2004 they started to sell them back and made money

Sergio: @Spectra I'll look for it and put it on here when I find it. It's on my site somewhere lol

Spectra: @Sergio i heard something about before too

Sergio: @Spectra yup and that's the way it caught on and made its way over here

Spectra: interesting im not sure if this rumour is realbut i also heard the rate actualy did change one time!after 2003 for like a few hours!

Spectra: and its was brief!
Spectra: like on then off!

Sergio: @Spectra when the Iqd was part of the Swiss Dinar is was about 1.80 or there about
Sergio: @Spectra yes

Spectra: 1.80
Spectra: but that rate change for that few short hours you h3eard about it too?
Spectra: Im trying to find out if it is only me who has heard of this?

Sergio: @Spectra on top of it all, it has never ever been open for trade speculation which means it was never traded by banks to make money off of

Spectra: ok yes
Spectra: no forex!

Sergio: @Spectra right

Sergio: @Spectra that's not to say it won't happen now that it's not under control of a dictator

Spectra: dictator..you calling Abadi a dictator ? or Alak ?-lol
Spectra: or the IMF!?

Sergio: @Spectra it amazes me how so many just do not understand the history or the lies that are being told.

Spectra: Right they no not too much about where they tossed their money!
Spectra: ;$$
Sergio: @Spectra after about 3 months into this I called emailed any and everyone that is in the know about currency and or Iraq. I provided proof of my emails from the UN David Briggs who was a person in direct contact with Iraq

Spectra: WOW,you are a very wise man!
Spectra: and at the end of your conclusion?

Sergio: @Spectra so from that time forward and what was told to me, I knew that all of those sites where full of crap.

Sergio: @Spectra IMF told me that a countries central bank controls the value of its currency

Spectra: @Sergio ok and? anything more exciting! :) :yes: keep going!

Sergio: @Spectra David Briggs said the IQD is being used by other countries central bank as legal tender

Spectra: @Sergio i thought so! yes!
Spectra: @Sergio makes sense!
Sergio: @Spectra it's is the currency of Iraq and is being traded mostly with its neighbors

Spectra: @Sergio but what countries?yes neighbors only!
Spectra: @Sergio but he did say mostly?
Spectra: @Sergio Mostly leaves it open for thought!

Sergio: @Spectra all countries as far as oil must USD to buy
Spectra: @Sergio right

Sergio: @Spectra the IQD is backed by the USA so the other Countries accept the IQD
Spectra: yes, we did all the groundwork for iraq!

Sergio: @Spectra it is used for buying and selling of good import and export
Spectra: nice!

Sergio: @Spectra so for now the weaker their currency is the better for the Gov but that will not last forever. Once inflation starts to go up they will have to raise or lower the value of the IQD

Spectra: i was reading a facebook comment a iraq citizen left on Abadi's post today! This man said that his friend was paying rent on a shop at.450 dinars and it went up too 500 dinars!

Spectra: so there's your sign of inflation coming right there from a citizen!
Spectra: plus 450 dinars a month ?is that kinda cheap?
Spectra: Something strange going on?

Sergio: @Spectra listen to dr shabbie in that YouTube video when asked the question about the RV. He said it is one of the tools that it could use to fight inflation

Spectra: 450 a month to rent a shop he wrote it like that450 dinars a month?

Sergio: @Spectra ya that's strange

Spectra: @Sergio yes so if the guys was payibng 450 now he paying 500 thats a inflation red flag!

Spectra: @Sergio plus the 450 a month ? in dinars ?????very strange!

Sergio: @Spectra yes it would need to head to about 6% inflation

Spectra: @Sergio i put it up this morning early look for your self!
Sergio: @Spectra I will

Spectra: @Sergio whats going on there ..really! ....i know when my suspicions are up and theve been lately!

Sergio: @Spectra not sure

Spectra: @Sergio This and the market prices for goods is not matching ?
Spectra: @Sergio i wonder why/

Sergio: @Spectra no it's not unless it was a miss quote

Spectra: @Sergio im not buying it! My radar is up-lol
Spectra: @Sergio im going to keep looking at the commodities and prices!

Sergio: @Spectra my dear I have to 5 comes early. Well let hope your womanly senses are pointing in a good direction.

tman23: @Spectra .....This has been going on since late April ...early May where they make reference to without 3 zeros......The rent would be 450,000 and went to 500,000...... This is the process of educating the dropping of the 3 zeros

Spectra: @tman23 that Is a good way to see it! makes sensse!

tman23: @Spectra ....And taxes are being applied om commercial property, thus rent increase...... And for 450,000 the rental you would find would be the size of industrial spaces we have here..... what resembles storage facilities...

Spectra: @tman23 ok ! logical.
Spectra: @tman23 well does that indicate inflation to you?
Spectra: @tman23 well im off this beastly pc.! goodnight and good dreams!

Mark123: Did anybody read about the IMF meeting today. They gave their overview and stated that Iraq needs to stop the multi currency practice among other things.

Mark123: Iraq already knows this but they have not made a move in regards to changing it so lets hope they move on it soon.

noname: @chattels separate independent. Much like our federal reserve and the US gov. our president appoints the chairman. As Maliki appointed Alak. Do you agree Shabs was going to re-value the IQD in 2012 but Maliki issued an arrest warrant for him? So that tells me the CBI can raise the value when it wants to.

1184 to 3 dollars doesn't matter. This is why I pay more rate tion to what the CBI says than the GOI. For years the GOI has not been able to work together. But the CBI can raise the value when it's ready. Much like our federial reserve makes changes as it sees fit.

noname: Attention ^ 
​chattels: @noname .............. Do you agree Shabs was going to re-value the IQD in 2012 but Maliki issued an arrest warrant for him? - I have heard such stated by gurus, but what objective proof of such do we have ?

chattels: @noname I understand that conceptually / constitutionally that the CBI and GOI are "separate ", but such is a law and order analysis which I do not believe is effectual in Iraq.

chattels: @noname My sense is that Shabbibi got into trouble because he refused to loan money to the GOI from the CBI, but if the reports are correct, Alaq has advanced funds to the GOI since the " invasion " of DAESH. DAESH was / is an existential threat to Iraq.

noname: The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Mr. Ali Mohsen Ismail participated in a session of the Institute for Development Policy Progress His Excellency the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ali Mohsen Ismail Al-Alaq, participated in the session organized by the Institute for Development Policy Progress on Saturday, July 15, 2017 with a number of the bank's Directors and a number of specialists in the financial and economic fields.

His Excellency discussed the various matters related to the banking matters and also the financial situation of the country, indicating during the meeting the problems facing the balance of payments, especially deficit in the budget of 2017, which leads to instability of the state budget because the volume of dependence on money that comes from abroad is higher than the money that Come from inside.

The governor explained that the deficit in the balance of payments is putting pressure on the central bank because the country today is unable to entering foreign currency in addition to the money coming from oil. Also the balance of payments deficit means that the country is unable to attract investors, tourists and others.

noname: I don't have the artical where shabs was going to raise the value. But tman has spoken of it. Maybe he does

noname: Until they have an international tradeable currency they won't be able to attract investors.

noname: That artical I got off cbi.iq under announcements.
noname: @chattels have a good night I got to sleep. Have a good one

RickeyT: @Meatball are you considering a change????

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