Tuesday, August 8, 2017


chattels: The US Is Far More Deeply Involved In Syria Than You Know : The Trump administration has increased its military and political support for Syrian forces as they fight their way into the ISIS-held city of Raqqa. But many fear what will follow when ISIS is eventually ousted.


chattels: Lack of money means slow start to reconstruction of Mosul By Rudaw : MOSUL, Iraq – Every morning, temporary workers ready to rebuild Mosul wait in the streets, seeking employment.
​But there aren’t many jobs to be had. A few people who have the money are rebuilding their homes, but many more don’t have the funds and are waiting for assistance from the government – aid that has not come yet.


Sparky: @chattels did you catch fergie earlier? Awesome stuff!

chattels: Kurdistan is the future of the Middle East


chattels: @Sparky fergie ?

Sparky: @chattels new chatter er, sp
Sparky: @chattels earlier chat
Sparky: @chattels very well informed
Sparky: @chattels insight and perspective

chattels: I read up / back. Fergie's narrative is just that - Fergie's narrative. Personal perspective and opinion.

chattels: With all due respect.

Sparky: @chattels just like mine, only better

chattels: Time will tell what is in store for us. Nothing else will foretell it.

Sparky: @chattels it's already good
Sparky: @chattels imho
Sparky: @chattels better equal more insight

dave: arrg deer in the garden

Sparky: @dave I'll bow out, if you want

dave: ?
dave: send clay to poach them

Sparky: @dave maybe I talk too much

xyz: Iraq’s economy has been booming. This latest move should prolong the economic expansion. Indeed, for all Western lobbyists sing the praises of Iraqi Kurdistan’s economic boom, when it comes time to put their money where their mouths are, international investors favor Baghdad over Erbil because Iraq has more financial discipline and corruption

​Bruster69: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-08-06/mysterious-trader-nearly-unlimited-bankroll-said-be-manipulating-bitcoin-price

Sparky: @Bruster69 it's limited to 10k each, litecoin, ether, gaming coins I like

Bruster69: good choice guy

Sparky: @Bruster69 yeah
Sparky: @Bruster69 Iqd will come

Bruster69: you bet.. dont know what to think about the ZIM notes.. 2008 and 2009 ... printing.. you got anything??

Sparky: @Bruster69 no fnzim
Sparky: @Bruster69 r u kidding me?

Bruster69: i remember back 2015, they allowed 20 million Fund, to pay citizens for there Zim Bondage.. 30 cents each Note kinda thing, Closed Sept 2015 right

Sparky: @Bruster69 watch me, as, kW, after iq
Sparky: @Bruster69 Saudi may rise

Bruster69: watch Yemen.. ya maybe Saudi..

Sparky: @Bruster69 kW
Sparky: @Bruster69 will rise, shared port of Faw
Sparky: @Bruster69 Kuwait

Bruster69: https://www.cosmicparadigm.com/Athabantian/

Bruster69: that Port is Awesome!! for sure.. they have a Great Viddy about that.. it Kept me in this

Sparky: @Bruster69 rising tide makes all boats rise

Bruster69: you bet... lol..

ElmerFudd: @Sparky rising taxes make blood pressure rise. :)

Sparky: @ElmerFudd I'll pay the tax
Sparky: @ElmerFudd we're in good shape, imo
Sparky: @ElmerFudd patience

ElmerFudd: @Sparky You'll pay our taxes?

Sparky: @ElmerFudd only mine

ElmerFudd: Was starting to wonder.
ElmerFudd: So, any juicy news today?

Sparky: @ElmerFudd best pay your s, come fruition
Sparky: @ElmerFudd 9/25 ref
Sparky: @ElmerFudd pressure

ElmerFudd: 9/25?

Sparky: @ElmerFudd Kurds want their $

ElmerFudd: So do we.
Sparky: @ElmerFudd 1040
Sparky: @ElmerFudd 104

ElmerFudd: Pardon?

Sparky: @ElmerFudd it's been theirs
Sparky: @ElmerFudd Kirkuk

ElmerFudd: Well the sooner they RV the sooner we all get our money.

Sparky: @ElmerFudd delineated

ElmerFudd: delineated
ElmerFudd: ?

Sparky: @ElmerFudd oil revenues, in case they want to split
Sparky: @ElmerFudd territorial lines

ElmerFudd: I'm not sure that a split will happen right now. Perhaps sometime years down the road.

Sparky: @ElmerFudd oh no, not until USA embassy is complete

ElmerFudd: Is Iraq having another meeting with the IMF on the 10th, or just in Sept?

Sparky: @ElmerFudd don't know, maybe

ElmerFudd: OKay, night!

Spectra: @ElmerFudd yes

Sparky: @ElmerFudd Sept meeting is all I'm aware of
Sparky: @ElmerFudd gn

Bruster69: wake geez... sNap out of it

Sparky: @Bruster69 UB what's up
Sparky: @Bruster69 tell me something I don't know

Sparky: Chattels, whats up with Sadr?
Sparky: On board with USA, Saudi? Against Iran?

Sparky: Hello, is there any body in there ?
Sparky: Hello, hello, hello, is there anybody in there?

Sparky: Ok, we'll tell you where it's at
Sparky: Sorry, that's patronizing, but the lyrics are right...p Floyd

Meatball: Sadar has his own agenda

Meatball: always has

Sparky: Comfortability knumb

Meatball: I am very familiar with the song

Sparky: @Meatball citizen orientation
Sparky: @Meatball religious leader

Meatball: i know who he is and his background

Sparky: @Meatball not afraid to eliminate the wrong
Sparky: @Meatball I know you do

Meatball: has he eliminated maliki?

Meatball: about as wrong as you can get

Sparky: @Meatball hi

Meatball: @Sparky hey there Sparky

Sparky: @Meatball Shiite

Meatball: @Sparky
Sparky: @Meatball like to hear your thoughts

Meatball: @Sparky Sadar in my opinion wants what he wants and he does have the people backing him

Sparky: @Meatball Sadr in Saudi

Meatball: @Sparky his past with the US has been well documented

Sparky: @Meatball 1mil man army
Sparky: @Meatball he hates us involvement

Meatball: @Sparky what his real motives are?... time will tell
Meatball: @Sparky he seems steadfast in what he is after / believes

Sparky: @Meatball food, clothing, shelter. For Iraqis poor..imo
Sparky: @Meatball may have another agenda, not sure

Meatball: @Sparky nothing wrong with that .... i just believe the guy has an end game of some kind... my opinion

Sparky: @Meatball iatola
Sparky: @Meatball Distant replacement?
Sparky: @Meatball Sistani

Meatball: @Sparky there all a basket of snakes in my opinion

Sparky: @Meatball no doubt
Sparky: @Meatball 77 thieves
Sparky: @Meatball it's their culture

Meatball: @Sparky its there world over there..... were just spectators

Sparky: @Meatball hard to spec on
Sparky: @Meatball thievery and corruption. Wins the day
Sparky: @Meatball funny, oldest culture, too

Meatball: @Sparky they don't seem in any hurry to change ways

Sparky: @Meatball holy land, who'd have thought
Sparky: @Meatball back stabbing thieves

Meatball: @Sparky not like they hide the fact

Sparky: @Meatball maybe should eradicate, and start over
Sparky: @Meatball No, blatant

Meatball: @Sparky there world there way

Sparky: @Meatball I know, good luck with that
Sparky: @Meatball only 2000+ years of it
Sparky: @Meatball BC

Meatball: @Sparky think BC stands for Bats#!t Crazy

Sparky: @Meatball don't know how He did it
Sparky: @Meatball love

Meatball: @Sparky i can take or leave this whole thing to be honest

Sparky: @Meatball me too, but it is nice to watch
Sparky: @Meatball kind of fun
Sparky: @Meatball maybe lucrative
Sparky: @Meatball maybe not

RickeyT: The guru's have strung most of us along for 8to 10 years, that takes talent and desperate people 
​Meatball: the potential is there for that place.... if they can make it happen

Sparky: @Meatball thats the game
Sparky: @Meatball sad, really

RickeyT: the richest country on earth and they don't care about wealth

Meatball: i sure as ******* am not waiting or counting on anything from that place... if it happens great

Sparky: @Meatball only personal wealth
Sparky: @Meatball me either
Sparky: @Meatball lots of other way s to grow wealth

Meatball: to many folks bet the ranch so to speak on this.... i hope it pans out for there sake
Sparky: @Meatball think, and Grow Rich

Sparky: @Meatball plan z

Meatball: i still got my lunch money from grade school lol

Sparky: @Meatball you'll be fine

Meatball: hope everyone will be

Sparky: @Meatball it's a crazy world, best keep your head, don't listen to others, must think for yourself

Meatball: crazy is an understatement

Sparky: @Meatball no one else will
Sparky: @Meatball I think that's why God gave us brains

Meatball: gonna get my 4.5 hours of sleep.... will talk to you later... take care

Sparky: @Meatball gn


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