Sunday, August 6, 2017


Breitling  You guys have to understand the way they set this up for it to move forward…[when] they put the currency [dinar] out, the first thing they did was to dampen it down.  It’s not a market rate ladies and gentlemen…They artificially kept it down…

The pressure they are fighting against is going to cause it to go back up.  it’s that simple….What did Iraq use to push the value of their currency down?  They used the U.S. dollar…That’s what artificially helped keep the dinar down. 

The justification Report…went to…the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Planning and the CBI and specifically said that we want to get it back to $3.  This is well recorded…it’s in their parliament.

The justification report to get to that stage was it needs to get to $1.13 before that so they can stage the economy correctly so they can get to the $3 rate again. 

This report was put out by parliament…the whole idea behind it was the justification for an exchange rate adjustment.  So it’s staged and the four stages are

1.  Putting U.S. dollars into the Iraqi economy so the people have a solid currency. 

2.  Reestablish their currency [The dinar].
3.  Through that currency and through the exchange rate reestablish their economy…get their economy to a $1.13 or around a dollar. 

4.  And then from $1.13 they can get to to the $3 range

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