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Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Late Monday PM 7-31-17

Romello: Intensify efforts to combat money laundering


Romello: Indirect financial investments support retirees and minors


chattels: US administration works to secure PM Abadi’s second term in office, official By Rudaw

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The United States has asked the Kurdistan Region to postpone the planned referendum on independence in order to help Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to secure a second term in office, a senior Kurdish official told Rudaw on Sunday.

Zig: @chattels : I invited "Enorrste"...said he would try and drop by....
chattels: As for the timing, he said on Sunday it is to make sure that the Iraqi PM stays in power for a second term. Iraq is scheduled to have general elections in Spring 2018.

chattels: http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/310720171

RickeyT: @chattels surely the U.S. isn't acting like Russia?

chattels: Monday, July 31, 2017 Post Mosul Liberation Day 20 Jul 30 2017 http://musingsoniraq.blogspot.com/2017/07/post-mosul-liberation-day-20-jul-30-2017.html


Duke77: Have y'all seen this!!!!!
Duke77: https://iq.opensooq.com/ar/موبايل-تابلت/تابلت/سامسونج

I can't hardly believe the prices of those phones and tablets are so cheap!!! The rate has to be at least $1-1dinar!!! If I could convert my physical dinar into e-dinar, I would but me 100 Samsung Galaxy S8 phones and sell em here on eBay. Lol be redneck rich!

Duke77: Frank gave out this website and it's true!!! The price of goods on this site in Iraq are equal to $1/I'd!!!
Duke77: I've been hating on Frank but he gave proof!

chattels: @BREW West Mosul is about 70 % in the Old City and East Mosul about 20% destruction according to reports that I have read.

Duke77: Hello! Are y'all seeing what I posted? It's real! That site is the same as our eBay and cell phones are 100 dinar to 800 dinar. A new Samsung Galaxy S8 is 800 dinar. That's $300 to $900 for a used one in America!


Duke77: This isn't here say.


Duke77: No. Are they priced cheap too?


Zig: Something fishy about those sites IMO

chattels: @BREW About 1 billion dollars bad.


Cree: @Duke77 Makes no sense. The proof that the rate is one to one is only when there is a change in the rate of the currency. I did see that Frank posted something about the price of cars sale sin Iraq. But if you looked at the Iraqi car sales site, it was a .com which is a USA site. MORE FAKE NEWS.....


chattels: @BREW The international conference for funding will not take place until Jan. 2018. Yes, it will be a while.

Zig: Meatball has contacts in Iraq...he has worked there...he would know....

Duke77: That doesn't mean it's in the USA The CBI host site isn't ".iq" either. That site is the entire middle East. You have to click on the country of Iraq first. Let me for the original link

Duke77: @Zig is he around tonight?
Zig: I don't know...
BREW: @Duke77 HE WAS

Duke77: @Zig http://www.opensooq.com

Cree: @Duke77 Even if we accept what you say, for the car site to be valid, there needs to be a change in the rate of the currency and Iraq has not changed....

Duke77: @Cree this has nothing to do with Frank. Look at the site and you will see it's not a scam.

chattels: Here's what it will take to rebuild the Iraqi city Islamic State destroyed


chattels: " The U.N. estimates that repairing Mosul's basic infrastructure will cost more than $1 billion."

Cree: @Duke77 I could not check the site out as it wanted my IP address and I will not do that. And YES a .com or a .net or we have 20 or so other .xxx extensions that are USA sites... Now an Iraqi company trying to sell in the USA would use a USA .com or whatever, but an Iraqi site trying to sell in Iraq would use an Iraqi extension.....


Duke77: @Cree the only way you could pay with dinar is to have a smart card with Iqd on it. You would first have to live in Iraq. This is so simple. It's not hard to understand. Iraqis can purchase this stuff with Iqd for a $1-1iqd rate. Until it's international, a dinar is a dinar. This is an increase in purchasing power

chattels: " ............. the truth never harmed anyone. What harms us is to persist in self-deceit and ignorance." - Marcus Aurelius

Duke77: @BREW run it through Google chrome on your phone.

Cree: @Duke77 Hey we all want the RV but here again is reality. IF the RV does not happen then someone selling a $70,000 USD car at 1 to 1, would be selling it at todays exchange rate for a fraction of that.....

BREW: @Duke77 K

Duke77: @Cree the prices are there. They don't lie. You guys are sounding more like Kaperoni hooked on the float dope. lol

Cree: @Duke77 you should believe what you want to but your drinking the Coolaide.....

RickeyT: @Duke77 I am trying to make a online purchase, I can't get there from here...

Cree: @Duke77 I could set up a website showing the dinar is worth one thousand dollars but it would be a lie and a scam..... Other then in Dinarland I have never heard of only an incountry RV. OR an RV that will slowly roll around the world/

Cree: @Duke77 Your not seeing reality. I do not follow any GURU. It is simple. When the currency is revalued, it will be revalued all over but in Iraq and Around the world.

Duke77: If this is only in IRAQI DINAR, you will not be able to purchase anything without a smart card loaded with IQD. That locks everyone else out, and keeps the rate within the country. The site is real. Explain the CBI host site that links to the CBI.iq but it isn't irawi domain and tell me how else these prices could be so cheap... I really want to see someone's head explode. Lol

Duke77: Have y'all actually clicked on the link? The Kuwait link is real too. Iraq isn't the only country listed on that site. You guys are either blind or stubborn to argue over a site that you've obviously not looked at.

Cree: @Duke77 Again for the Third time, there is no such thing and an ONLY in Iraq. The world currencies do not work that way.

FAMILYBUSINESS: Cree ... how long have you been invested in the dinar? Or are you?

Duke77: @Cree explain the price differences between the countries on that site...

Duke77: @Cree the CBI host site is real. Chattels even proved that it was linked to the CBI.iq site. It's still up and posting $1.2 rate because that's the future plan. If not then why are they still posting it??

Cree: @FAMILYBUSINESS Heavily and for 4+ years. I believe that it will RV. I just have been here long enough to learn who is real and who is a pumper, scammer and liar..... Which GURUR do I follow, NONE. I scam some of the blogs but most are BS not news and not real....

Cree: @FAMILYBUSINESS I know some of the people that are looked up to by this community and they are mostly poor wannabees. I would love to follow someone who is honest but have not found that person. OK other then Zig here... I trust him.....

Duke77: I can't believe the fools who chose to not believe when proof is presented... Good night!

FAMILYBUSINESS: I also been around for a long time. Its been 10+ yrs. I agree there are many questionable gurus, pumpers as you say. But I for one trust Frank and his teams. They will notify his group and soon after there are articles stating such. I've seen it happen time and time again. Of course he has been wrong before also but has a good track record.

Cree: @Duke77 Please come back in a week or two and you can apologize then. I hope your right but not if it is coming from Frank. and again it if were real all the GURU's would be shouting this from their sites...... Take care and be well.....

Duke77: Explain this one since you know so much!
Duke77: http://cbi.3eyon-host.net

Duke77: That's a CBI link and it's a .net site

Duke77: Directly linked to the CBI.iq site. Good night. I'm not arguing with a stubborn flaky personality on here. Sorry but that's a waste of time.

Cree: @FAMILYBUSINESS Hey I hope Duke is right and I will apologize if he is right, but I doubt it. As for Frank we can agree to disagree as I think it is a con artist and one of the worst..... Just my opinion..... And wow 10+ years that is a lot of dreaming and hoping and heartache...... :)
FAMILYBUSINESS: I certainly understand you being skeptical. But as I've stated Frank has a good track record and he is at the top of the list as far as I'm concerned. Although if anyone tells you that they know the date and rate .... I've learned not to hold on to it.

Cree: @FAMILYBUSINESS And I respect your opinion, but others have a different opinion on Frank. So we can agree to disagree on this. Personally, I hope it is right.

FAMILYBUSINESS: Very good ....... you guys have a good nite ... later

Cree: @Romello Some of us here are...... Some are serious, some are hopeful, some are childish, some are desperate, and some are lost...

Romello: @Cree Sounds like home. Lmaoff
Frank-loves-you: @Cree it's a long term investment. That's why I bought it 6 years ago with the hopes that it would never revalue in my lifetime so I wouldn't enjoy it. That's why you're here? Right?

chattels: " ................. former Governor Atheel Nujafi gave a radio interview where he made more accusations against his opponents. He accused Vice President Nouri al-Maliki of surrendering Mosul to the Islamic State in 2014. He and Iran then worked together to use IS and Mosul to raise the profile of the Hashd and occupy the city.

He claimed that if his Ninewa Guards were involved in the campaign things would have turned out better. Nujafi has been talking more and more to the media using Mosul to go after his opponents. Nujafi blames Maliki for everything wrong in Iraq.

Attacking Iran also goes over well with Sunnis, and his allies Turkey and the Kurdistan Democratic Party that are opposed to Tehran’s influence in the country. These types of criticisms will be heard more and more now that Mosul is freed, and elections are coming."


chattels: " Attacking Iran also goes over well with Sunnis, and his allies Turkey and the Kurdistan Democratic Party that are opposed to Tehran’s influence in the country. These types of criticisms will be heard more and more now that Mosul is freed, and elections are coming."

tman23: @chattels ... I believe the visit to Saudi Arabia by Sadr adds credibility to the finger pointing...... And not only his visit to Saudi Arabia but also his silence on the US military....

chattels: Restoration of law and order / removal of DAESH, Reconstruction / Reconciliation. Sovereign integrity, security and stability. Reconstruction is an opportunity for reconciliation. Without Reconciliation Iraq will fail as a state.

chattels: @tman23 I expect Sadr to be a " good boy " in an effort to secure another term for Abadi. 
chattels: @tman23 From everything I read and consider important to our liquidity event it will be 2018 at the earliest, but there may be some macroeconomic deus ex machina unintelligible to me.

chattels: @tman23 As you know I am a moron when it comes to matters economic.

chattels: In the meanwhile, " Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Love like you've never been hurt and live like its heaven on earth." - MarkTwain

tman23: @chattels ..... The 2018 timeline seems most logical .... The one thing that sticks on economists is.... Three leading economist were at the World Bank council meeting a few years ago and reading the transcripts the one economist said while asking a question......

We are economist and you are bankers, and there are many facets to the banking industry that leave us ignorant to what is possible..... that statement left a lot of wiggle room in my opinions to what is possible.....and what we as speculators may be ignorant to

abangjadul: regarding the website ....is it meaning redomination had occurred ? all store must provide two kind of prices ....prices with 3 zeroes other without it so all depend on buyer when they go to the store if they buying using 3 zeroes with cash or they buying using smart card or e card which is without 3 zeroes.

 if they go thru online shop so they must be using this e card Istanmbul was like this before when they redominate their currency...CMIIW

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