Sunday, August 13, 2017


You folks are watching Frank, Tony, Ray, Bruce etc. way too much.  Really need to do your own due diligence. Follow the CBI, UN, WB, IMF, not those idiots on DR or DG or any other blog site. Trust me, they DON'T KNOW !!!!!! 

Remember .... loose lips sink ships. Those that are truly at the table are not talking and certainly wouldn't talk to any Guru in Dinarland. Use common sense my friends

Listen, nobody can force Iraq to do anything.  All they can do is advise and if Iraq wants to go international they need to follow the IMF's recommendations and has to be approved by the BIS.  Also, forget this nonsense about an in country RV or RI.  That's the biggest load of hogwash I've heard. If they want to go international it will happen at the same time not just in country or regional 

Just remember, the term close has a different meaning to governments than it does to civilians.  I have strong faith in the Dinar, otherwise I would not be invested in it. The key is patience.  Let's see what the next SBA in Sept

What was impressive to me was they had the SBA meeting in record time and immediately had a press release.  This is unprecedented.   They normally wait 3 - 4 days at least before a press release.

Remember if anything does happen, it will NOT be a secret!  The only 800 numbers you will get is from the bank tellers directing you more than likely to their wealth managers.  There won't be a need for any tweets lol.  Just keep your eyes on the CBI. When (not if) there is a currency adjustment we will all see it at the same time Smile   The bank will direct you to the right people to talk to.  Forget all this hocus pocus garbage. It's really starting to hurt many people

The central Bank of Iraq Lady https://cbi.iq/   New web site with an international exchange converter.  THAT'S A 1st. 

Anyhoo there is a diret link to the new host site from the CBI.  Ok need to do this starting with the English side - not com .iq

Scroll down and right above the calculator click on statistics.  It's on the right hand side above the calculator.  Says STATISTICS. SCROLL DOWN A TAD AND YOU'LL SEE : For the extended statistics, please click here.  Ok now on the top right it will have a link called HOME.  CLICK ON THAT.   Scroll down and you should see exchange numbers again.   

Remember, you git here directly from the CBI site.  You have to start from the english side of the CBI.  Notice only the USD and EURO have been adjusted.   3eyon-host.net is the host site.  Just continue watching it Smile Again, a direct link from the CBI.   I was shocked when I 1st saw it but it appears the CBI doesn't car.  Not commenting on it but something is definitely going on.

One thing all professional investors have in common is ..................................... PATIENCE !   MY GOAL IS NOT TO HURT YOU, MAKE YOU UNHAPPY OR TO GIVE YOU MISINFORMATION. But to show you that this indeed is a real event

Again, I remind you one last time .......... this is a direct link from the CB.  My hats off to the people that have endured this fascinating journey to the end. Those that gave up I truly feel sad for them. Can't debunk the IMF, UN, WB or the BIS Wink

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