Friday, August 11, 2017


8-11-2017   Intel Guru Bruce    We know that Iraq was released from Chapter 7. They had an announcement yesterday from the UN releasing them from Chapter 7. The IMF also made an announcement last night essentially saying the same thing that they are released.  To be released they would have to have a rate on their new Iraqi Dinar. We do not necessary have it on the CBI site or totally global out there yet.  The last thing that needed to happen for Iraq to be released from Chapter 7 was the new rate, and then have a new international tradable currency.  Will they transition directly into Chapter 8? We don’t know that for sure. I thought they automatically did that.   There is a holiday today or was a holiday today [Thursday] in Iraq. We believe the reason for the holiday was because they were in fact revaluing their currency.   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

8-11-2017   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77
   Frank [Guru Frank26] ...offered up a few thoughts...let me share...what he said... great news today from our friend (Walkingstick) ...a plethora of information...information that he believes IHO that we will see the results of in 2-3 days...Time for the media to catch up...Frank says that so much is happening...no we don't know the date or rate...but there is sure a lot of activity happening right in front of us...right before our eyes...So that is it in a nutshell for now...the BEST is coming.  

8-11-2017   Newshound Guru G-Lin   "Report: Electronic payment removes the "dinar" from the pockets of employees"  Quote:  "The salary of the employee will be 2000 Iraqi dinars (less than two dollars), regardless of its value."    Well to me it is saying that there may be plans for a different value for the dinar. At todays rate of 1260 they are getting $1.59 for 2000 dinars. If that changes to a 1 to 1 they would receive 2000 dinars worth a lot more in purchasing power than that $1.59. In Iraq 2000 dinars will always be 2000 dinars. A change in value is what we are looking for of course. That 1 to 1 means something totally different to in-country versus what it means to us. We be dancing in the street.   I just liked that they said " regardless of value." I can't imagine the value going anywhere but up. All JMO.

8-11-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni  Article:  "Trade Bank of Iraq: the global market began to trust the future of Iraq's economy"    [Ok then lets show the world that your currency isn't toilet paper any more then...Let have some value added to it...]   ...they cannot just add value to the dinar arbitrarily.  And the CBI would be foolish to do so..since they are [in] the business of making money.  The dinar will rise in value as this investment flows into Iraq and the world gains more confidence in Iraq.  Iraq needs to get in compliance with the IMF so they can move to Article VIII and let the process begin.  What happens from there will be fun to watch.  One thing is for sure, Abadi is hyping this little bit of success.  Hope it works out.

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