Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Iraq need to manage efficient to achieve economic and social required feasibility, especially after the great economic success that has been achieved in the second of the current month of August represented by the entry of Iraq into money markets world.
After the issuance of the second external sovereign bond international on behalf of the (Euphrates) and duration of more than five years, and the sudden thing is that more than 350 companies from global investment companies competed with each other to buy the Iraqi bond.

These companies collectively financially set the world up to 12 trillion dollars, while the volume of purchase orders reached about 6 trillion dollars to support (Euphrates) Iraq secured by the Iraqi government and not by any other international body as the first in Sindh (Tigris), which safeguarded the United States government.
Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The Central Bank of Iraq revealed on Tuesday the size of the large sums seized by terrorist gangs after the fall of the city of Mosul in June 2014.
A statement issued by the bank received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it that “the Iraqi banking system was exposed after the events of June 15, 2014, to a major setback because of the control of gangs and the dads on the three provinces of Nineveh, Anbar and Salahuddin, in addition to important parts of Diyala province, .
He pointed out that “the call for control of nearly 121 branches of government and private banks, including the branch of the Central Bank of Iraq.”
He added that “the estimates in light of the latest financial conditions of branches of banks, which controlled them, adding that the total amounts were estimated at about 856 billion dinars, in addition to about 101 million dollars.”
The bank explained that “most of these deposits belong to the government departments and related to the projects of the provinces within the budget in 2014, including the assets of the Ministries of Defense and Interior, and assets belonging to the minorities of Christians, Yazidis, Shabak, Turkmen and all other sects and sects of Islam, in addition to the assets of some small local companies that left their owners These cities because of the war and the occupation of the Da’ashi for their areas. ”
He added that “the pressure worsened on the banking system after the acquisition of the Kurdistan Regional Government deposits in the branches of the Central Bank affiliated to the Ministry of Finance of the region, which is estimated to 5 trillion dinars, about 50% to the Iraqi Trade Bank, and the other half to more than 80 branches of banks Including branches of foreign banks operating in Iraq. ”
The bank pointed out that “he has been calling for huge sums of money since the imposition of his control over large areas of Nineveh in June 2014, as the income of a duel of $ 2 billion a year, making it one of the richest organizations at the time,” adding that “Da’ash became rich through the sale The oil it gets from Iraq and Syria, while it is not disclosed who buys the oil he steals and urges and smuggles to different countries. ”
“The daily proceeds of the sale of illegal oil is about two million dollars for the sale of 30 thousand barrels per day, where the price of a barrel of black gold has between 25 – 50 US dollars before the decline in oil prices in the past.”
The central bank said that it has taken precautionary measures to protect the banking and financial sector during the period of control over banks and companies, including stopping the activity of branches of banks and non-banking financial companies located in the provinces of Nineveh, Salahuddin, Diyala and Anbar and prevent the transfer or supply in foreign currency through the window and stop the subscription Branches of banks and non-bank financial companies in the system of electronic clearing and payment system in general and located in these provinces, in addition to other actions taken by the bank. ”

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