Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Delta "They Need to Show the True Rate!" , 2 AUGUST

More confirmation that the LD’s are printed.  May & June documents...looks like they have profit/loss...and in the expenses...a “new currency.”  In May I believe they issued those notes.  About 4 Million + 5 Million dollars was spent on printing...then in June, more printing.  Whatever they printed wasn’t that much – so could the rate be higher than what we expected...or are they planning on more eDinars? It’s possible that we may see the rate higher than 1-to-1.   Up until now, we haven’t had any proof – but now it looks like we have confirmation that they have been printed.  We will have 1 and 2 dinar coins.  I found this to be very, very exciting.  They are about to do it.  We are really very close.  This information is NOT on the English site...   I believe that we are really, really close based on this information.  They might really pull the trigger after they return from the IMF meeting.  

 Iraq wants to attract investors.  As you know...words like “in the coming days” and “soon” don’t mean much.  LOL.   They said that in order to attract investors, they must change the exchange rate.   They told them...the board of directors...they will consider...basically Iraq is all ready to go.  As soon as they go to the IMF and come back – we are expecting to see great things.  The IMF already told Iraq what they need to do.  There is no point in showing up unless they have those things done.  Iraq must meet the demands of the IMF.  They need to show the TRUE rate. 

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