Friday, August 11, 2017


BGG   [Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi announced the below on the Iraqi Govt Twitter:  THE OIL-FOR-FOOD FILE HAS BEEN RESOLVED COMPLETELY]   Apples and watermelons. Ch 7 designation and the Oil-for-Food are different files entirely. 

The last remaining Oil-for-Food money was reportedly turned over to Iraqi control. However, to imply this means the lifting of all Ch 7 "sanctions" is not an accurate analysis. 

There really aren't much in the way of Ch 7 sanctions left in force anyway. Further, I highly doubt the UN completely removes the Ch 7 designation anytime soon.  I suspect they want the latitude to go in and help settle things down again - if needed.

 As they did with ISIS. None of this is directly detrimental to a value change in the currency...If it were - How would it have been possible for the CoM and CBI to have been planning a value change back in 2012?

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