Thursday, August 10, 2017


Aug. 7 2017 A Federal Reserve Bank Story by an Anonymous Friend:

On Aug. 7 around 9 am a friend called the federal reserve bank in their area regarding info on this US Treasury website:https://www.fiscal.treasury.gov/fsreports/rpt/treasRptRateExch/currentRates.htm

Here are the notes:

Ruth: Hello XXX How may I help you?

XXX: Hello Ruth. I have some questions. Are you guys authorized to talk about or trade the ZWD?

Ruth: Let me check on that. (later) It looks like you are talking about the first Zimbabwe Dollar? My information says it's obsolete. Can you tell me more about what you want to do?

XXX: Your Treasury website shows the ZWD is at 1:1 to the dollar:https://www.fiscal.treasury.gov/fsreports/rpt/treasRptRateExch/currentRates.htm

Ruth: We only trade in US dollars.

XXX: Am I reading this wrong?

Ruth: I'm not sure. I see the same thing that you see.

XXX: OK. I will wait for the announcement of the RV

Ruth: I'm not sure if it is available with Forex Trading. Let me get you the number to speak to a Forex specialist. One moment. It's 866-839-1100 or 800-672-2098. Do you have a trading account with us?

XXX: Not yet.

Ruth: Other than the ZWD, what else would you be looking for in a brokerage?

XXX: I will need training. After I get with a wealth manager I will know more.

Ruth: Well, the good news is that we offer a LOT of that. We offer free education, tools, research and 24/7 client service. We even offer Paper or Virtual Trading for Practice. Do you have at least $25,000 you would consider moving to us? If so, I can connect you to a Financial Consultant from your area who could answer your questions, assist you in getting an account open and transferred, and help you with strategy, goal setting and solutions once the accounts was moved. I would need a phone number and an address so I could set up a soft profile and have someone reach out. There is no charge for this service and of course, no obligation.

(XXX gives Ruth the information)

Ruth: Thanks! We appreciate you considering our firm and wish you the best.

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