Thursday, July 6, 2017

WSOMN 7/6/17 "IF"

Hey to my friends in WSOMN.


If you are truly believers In the exchange of dinar and zim, why have you stopped purchasing the currencies?


If you think you are going to become wealthy when the zim is exchanged, why don't you buy some more, and become wealthier?


If you think the dinar will be exchanged for $3.00 or more, why not buy some more.  Instead of being a millionaire, you could be a billionaire.


If you think those that are telling you the dinar will nor revalue in the next years, and the zim is worthless paper, why not prove them wrong and go out and buy some more exotic currencies?


If the dong and rupiah are going to gain in value through revaluations, why are you not buying some every week?

What "IF" ????

What if you were conned and scammed these past years.  What if the dinar does not revalue in the next 5 or more years?  What if the zim is truly worthless?  What if Yosef, Bruce, Frank, Dizzybear,
Awakein3D, Tony, Ray, and ADMINBILL, to name a few, were feeding you misinformation.  What if every time you bought more currency you calculated your wealth higher and higher, and the only thing you accomplished was to throw away good monies?

If you believe, put your money where your mouth is.  Buy some more currencies and you will be able to cure the ills of the world.

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