Wednesday, July 19, 2017


I called my wealth manager at wf this morning to do another currency exchange for me as I'm traveling to Dubai in September. I also inquired about the Iraqi dinar. He laughed so hard he lost his breath. He said that's the biggest scam since Bernie Madoff and he said that he and the other wealth managers received an in house memo from corporate that the Feds have launched an investigation into the Iraqi dinar and that indictments are coming for currency dealers and their minions who sell and pump the dinar. He said stay away from the Iraqi dinar unless you want to be subpenoed to testify before a federal grand jury. He also said the IRS is looking into the currency dealers who sell the dinar. That's all I had to hear. The IRS is more relentless than the FBI. They can seize your assets, any assets you have in trusts, bank accounts, your house and car. The storm is coming. All these scumbags who perpetuate 

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