Monday, July 31, 2017


Baseballfan:  I'm hoping this is not true, but I heard today from a fairly reliable source that there is a section in Obamacare that prohibits the american public from taking part in the GCR. This is partly why Trump wants OBcare gone. Has anyone else heard anything like this?????

Mauirt:  I heard the too Baseball…. come on Repeal!

Luvwulfs:  baseballfan It was a very high tax on the exchange, not that we couldn't participate.

RVAlready:  I don't think Obama could legislate us out of the GCR. This is a legal business transaction. And, as someone famous in these parts would say.........NOW WHO DOES THAT MAKE SENSE TO?????

The IMF knows everything about Iraq. They know the RV can happen now. So they are going to force it to happen now. Iraq will not go on if the IMF shuts off the loans.

And I believe that Trump and Abadi both want this, and discussed it 2 month ago in DC.

Xyz:  Central Bank: Our financial situation is good for four years to come e​ven as oil prices do not recover http://translate.google.com/translate?tl=en&u=http://www.almadapaper.n​et/ar/news/533809/- ... to support the Iraqi currency and make it a very strong currency,​ thanks to the presence of cash reserves of the dollar and another gol​d.


IQD Calls Chat:

Enorrste   Article:  "Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq: expect economic movement in the next stage"  ...this is opening the door to foreign investment. 

Quote:  "noting that "Iraq will be able to attract foreign investment because of the stability of the security situation and increase the number of investment opportunities." 

Therefore...we should expect the dinar to be opened to the world market very soon. There will be no foreign investment without an internationally tradable currency.



Samson:  Basra discusses the withdrawal of the petrodollar and talking about recommendations with Baghdad

 31st July, 2017

The Basra provincial council discussed on Monday the latest amendment to the federal budget law for 2017 and the proposal to cancel the paragraph petro-dollar from the budget.

The head of the Planning and Follow-up Committee in the Council, Nashat al-Mansouri told "Iraq News" that "the Basra Governorate Council, discussed with a number of deputies for the province and in the presence of Governor Majed Nasrawi,the latest amendment to the federal budget law for 2017 and the proposal to cancel the paragraph petro dollars included in the budget"

Noting that "the federal government deal with the receivables of the province of Basra is not consistent with the city's offers of sacrifices and sacrifices, and we are surprised by what is being treated by the ministries concerned with the file of financial benefits and administrative powers of the province."

He added that "the cancellation and zeroing of the account of the province of petrodollar funds, is contrary to the law of 21 and is not consistent with the amount of the city's contribution to support the federal budget," adding that "the meeting, came out with a set of recommendations, including the formation of a joint working group includes a group of specialists and members and deputies to follow the benefits The province with the federal government. "

The head of the parliamentary legal committee Mahmoud al-Hassan, said earlier that the draft supplementary budget law for the current year and set by the federal government and voted by the parliament was free of paragraph e of the first article on the oil revenues of oil producing provinces (petrodollar), which existed originally In the draft budget of 2017, noting that the re-work of that paragraph in the supplementary budget needs to understand the differences between the local government of Basra and the federal government


Samson:  Labor announces the start of tomorrow to pay the salaries of the workers secured for the months of July and August in Baghdad and the provinces

 31st July, 2017

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Monday, the Department of Retirement and Social Security for workers, on the beginning of August set a date for the payment ofsalaries of workers secured for the categories (manual exchange, and smart card holders) for the month of July this month and the next father in Baghdad and the provinces.

The Director General of the Department of Retirement and Social Security of workers Ali Jaafar in a statement, received by "Eye of Iraq News" that "the Department hasidentified early August next date to pay the salaries of more than 17 thousand workers guaranteed for the categories (manual exchange, and smart card holders) after completing all the necessary procedures for distribution Salaries in coordination with the General Directorate of Rafidain Bank. "

He added that "the total amount of salaries for the months of July and August, which will be disbursed to the workers amounted to one billion and (348) million dinars." He pointed out that "the number of hands covered amounted to (2393) retired, and the number of covered smart card holders amounted to (14683) retired."

He explained that "the insured pensioner who has a service (30) years and more receives the amount of (600) thousand dinars for only two months, while receiving apensioner who has a service less than (30) years receive the amount of (540)thousand dinars."

Jafar said that "the family of the deceased who has more than three eligible to receive a salary of (500) thousand dinars, while receive the family who have a salary of (480) thousand dinars, while the family of the deceased pensioner who has one receivable and receive a salary of (460) Dinar".

The Director-General called on all retired and secured workers to review the banks according to their areas of residence for the purpose of receiving their salaries,drawing with them the identity documents represented by the pension identity or smart card



Samson:  Communications: A strategic project to provide seven services over the Internet
 31st July, 2017

The Ministry of Communications revealed on Monday a strategic project to deploy Internet service to all areas of Iraq.

"This project can connect Internet services to each subscriber by providing seven services to the family, the most prominent of which are telecommunications, internet and television," said Karim Mazal al-Saadi, the ministry's administrative and financial agent.

He pointed out that this project was granted to investment companies to operate and carry out maintenance work in several provinces such as Basra, Najaf, Nasiriyah, Amara, Al Kut, Salaheddine and Diyala, in addition to Karkh from the capital Baghdad, stressing the importance of this project in providing advanced Internet services in the country at reasonable prices.


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