Thursday, July 27, 2017


Yada:  those who are thinking 2018 aren't paying attention,,,,they're swayed with all sorts of ideas not associated with the RV… looking at what was accomplished and had to be done in the completion of the removal of Mosul,,other wise, could of been processed in Jan

NetGlobal:  Delta from KTFA says he read in arabic that the lower denom were issued in May to the banks.

Yada:  I remember that Netglobal,,combine that with yesterdays update,,affirming the atms and prices being adjusted

LadyB22:  And their Mastercard being international.

Yada:  Yes,,,

Airam:  Al-Rasheed Bank said in a press statement that "the general manager of Rashid Bank, Rashad Khudair, opened a banking office in the departure hall Babel at Baghdad International Airport where he will provide services to travelers, which include selling the dollar at the official price and buying at market price."    That sounds good !!!

slandGurl:  Things are happening maybe not fast enough for most but the end is nearly at hand.

Yada:   Agreed,,,,the end is at hand,

Airam:  now the IMF is in control .....well for the last yr ......THE SBA between the 2 nations is a step by step ......and they are on it ......believe me for the first time Iraq is doing something FAST .....lol....lol

SassyD:  Iraq to sell new USD Govt Bonds -- The Financial Times reports that Ir​aq has appointed Citi, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan as joint bookrunner​s for a new five-year government bond. -- July 27, 2017 -- http://www.iraq-businessnews.com/2017/07/27/iraq-to-sell-new-govt-bond​s/


Excerpts:   Statement of Steven T. Mnuchin Secretary, United States Department of the Treasury before the Committee on Financial Services, United States House of Representatives

7/27/2017 ​

Chairman Hensarling, Ranking Member Waters, and members of the Committee, I am pleased to be here today and I look forward to discussing important issues to the American people.

I would like to begin by addressing Treasury's National Advisory Committee (NAC) report. Treasury uses its leadership role in international financial institutions to help ensure that they are carrying out their core mandates effectively and efficiently. As the federal government is streamlining,

Treasury is focused on keeping the international financial institutions as cost-effective as possible. We have pressed the IMF to increase its focus on the need to address global economic imbalances.

This will help to improve prospects for U.S. jobs and exports, while holding the IMF's administrative budget largely flat in real terms. In addition, U.S.-supported reforms to how the multilateral development banks employ their balance sheets have made it possible for us to substantially increase the assistance that they can provide to the world's poorest countries while reducing U.S. budgetary contributions.

Where it makes sense, we will preserve these investments and remain a top donor and shareholder, while also balancing priorities across other parts of the government. In doing so, we will continue to promote access to economic opportunities to eliminate poverty and build shared prosperity. When the world is prosperous and stable, Americans reap the benefits.............

We have a chance to create historic opportunities for the American people. We at Treasury will continue to work hard to make economic growth and prosperity a reality for all Americans.

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