Friday, July 21, 2017


Elmerf123456:  Listen...........Eyes Wide Open!   This is no time for despair for Financial change is in the air!  Over the years you have been given much information and trained by many intelligent people and with all that, is your believe system strong or still tarnished? Eyes wide open everything is right in front of you.

Charlieok:  Elmer: As it has been for years. After one gets past the initial "buy-in" concepts - TIMING has always been the issue. IMO there have been more than a few times that the "pulling of the trigger" would have been successful. When he/they don't pull it; a whole new algebra has to be dealt with. Who has the '''''' to pull the trigger, if the math is right at a particular time. That, IMO is the issue.

Elmerf123456:  http://en.economiciraq.com/2017/07/20/governor-of-the-central-bank-of-​iraq-expect-economic-movement-in-the-next-stage/

Steadfast:  so what do we think the hold up is? Iraq , or is someone else holding this thing up? Why would Abadi promise his people all that he did and then not deliver? I don't get that?
Elmerf123456:  What makes anyone think there is any holdups? No disrespect anybody but you have to understand people get busy in pieces and with that they create timelines in truth there is no timeline it's going to be broadcast out in public first it's just going to happen if you read all the current news especially with Alak, you should be able to connect dots

Elmerf1234556:  It's not going to be broadcasted in public…. it is just going to happen….. Iraq owes trillions of dollars to the world ! Also even alluded to it. They cannot pay that debt back on the program sanction rate. Nuff Said!

Steadfast:  I guess, why I think there are holdups, is because I heard from a reliable source that the RV was "done, done, done," back in December of last year, yet here we are still waiting to go to the bank. so to me that seems like some kind of a holdup/delay. plus last week Ray said that Abadi promised his people that they would see big changes, but have they seen them?

Elmerf123456:  Read the link article that I posted and you can answer that question steadfast

Charlieok:  Steadfast: What if it isn't an Iraqi issue any more? When is enough, enough on this side of the pond?

Nana2you:   there are so many pieces to this RV it all had to happen in the right way…. I believe we really are here now!.... this was so different than Kuwait…. this includes so many other countries

Yada:  Elmer,,Im with you,,,there is not hold up,,,,,the level of manifestation just hasn't reach us and they are releasing as they intend,,,,,,keeping their cards close to their chest,,,they know what they are doing

RVAlready:  I think Iraq and the US are "priming the pump" in the few days remaining, in order to have maximum financial impact in the shortest possible time.

HK101:  Literally comes down to one fact: Iraq’s currency is undervalued. It cannot stay at the current rate forever

RVAlready:  And I guess anyone who thinks this is waiting until 2018 thinks Iraq and the IMF spent 4 days in a closed meeting in DC last week playing footsie.

Tishwash:   well here's a quick tidbit supposedly reconstruction of Mosul starts next week that would be a good thing

IslandGurl:  Reconstruction takes a whole lot of money! Economical Advancement requires more money.....Is CBI calling for the Program Rate to changed now?

Rock1941:  Tish if they are ISO compliant, that's international standard ISO-9001-2000

Tishwash:  yes rock194 that is correct!

Islandgurl:  Rock: Are we looking at international standard today. Tish, I like Thursdays a lot!

Rock1941:  islandgurl who can tell with the way things have progressed here, I wouldn't go out on that limb


RVAlready:  In addition to the large business contracts that Trump got Iraq to sign, there is the huge business meeting in NYC, and business plans with the US…. Those corporations are not waiting until 2018…. Those contracts have start dates, and I would be suprised if they are written in pre-RV Dinar. Then again, they could be written in USD.

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