Monday, July 17, 2017


Fuze:  Guys and Gals, this is not rocket science....its one word. Reconciliation!
They were supposed to conference on Saturday...they were running around like crazy Thursday trying to get it done...a few parties are holding out, something big about corruption was supposed to be handled by now, they are trying to push it through with Judas at the table...i dont blame the hold outs...imho

LinnieQ:  Understood FUZE; just weary of the never ending, incessant excuses. It would truly go on forever if they give in to each other at every confrontation. compromise seems not to be in their language.

JSL:  One thing is for sure Iraq must have it's Value to restore the devastation of all of this war. Must! that means it will happen

Fuze:  The great news , every thing technical is ready!!! Some private assurances had to be made to unite to beat isis,

JSL:  Not a simple process for sure. But for sure , no doubt many are working night and day to get this thing done

Fuze:  Im extremely optimistic, they have to get this done, they are not going to allow these poison apples stop it! We should here big news shortly...
​Islandgurl:  The Kurds are being paid 7/17/2017. There is movement of funds. While you are waiting for the RV....TODAY....Add your age to the the year of your birth. You should get 2017. Try this! This only happens once in 1000th years.

JSL:  island It is true it came out to 2017 thanks for sharing that, WoW! cool I'll pass that around

Lilypad:  "Iraq is going through extraordinary circumstances because of the drop in oil prices significantly, which makes the central bank's policy to two options either to respond to the dollar to eliminate the margins and this will be at the expense of reducing the reserves of foreign currency or sell the sale and accept the margin of exchange rate RISE, "The bank seeks to balance the two goals."Allak article today---- Accept the margin of the exchange rate rise

Robert001:  If I remember correctly,, Iraq was basing their budget on 42$ oil. Is that right Lilypad?

Lilypad:  Yes robert that is correct. Budget has been amended.


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