Sunday, July 2, 2017


GoodTimes1:  any news of the isx the iraq stock exchange being open today? it was to open today after a over a week being closed

OffGrid:  yes, it was open today http://www.isx-iq.net/isxportal/portal/homePage.html

GoodTimes1:  the prices for stocks on the ISX in iraq looks like be in line for a 1 to 1 rate
Ecubucs:  GOODTIMES 1 if that's the case.... You Have made "1" Heck of a Find!!

GoodTimes1:  ecubucs I am not sure how long the prices have been like that but it looks good to me! 

Pearle:  where is the rate showing 1:1

GoodTimes1: if you look at the prices per stock showing on the ISX today they are in line with a 1 to 1 rate, just a observation
Jose: Its a new day its a new month --- green light

Ecubucs:  It's also a New Quarter!


Tishwash:  maybe this is the final celebration

Tomorrow ... the celebration of liberation of Mosul on the stage of the National Theater

bAGHDAD / Tomorrow 's Press:

announced the Department of Cultural Relations at the Ministry of Culture, on Sunday, for the establishment of acelebration of national songs on the stage of the National Theater, on Monday, marking the liberation of Mosul and the victories achieved by the security forces.
The department said in a statement : "Tomorrow 's Press", a copy of it, that "received a celebration of National Music, will be held on the stage of the National Theater, on Monday, under the Nineveh logo win and under the auspices of the Minister of Culture Faryad Raondzi, on the occasion of victory and the liberation of Mosul."

" The ceremony Sthieddih Iraqi singer unique place, at seven o'clock on the evening of tomorrow."

She noted that the "general call for everyone to attend the victory ceremony of liberation of Mosul."

This celebration was not the first of its kind to achieve victory over Daesh terrorist and liberation of Mosul, but was preceded by several celebrations of the security forces and youth gatherings, which came out yesterday in the streets of Baghdad to celebrate the liberation of Mosul  link


Scap:  This is why be quiet about exchange-crazy people, Florida woman murder​ed hours after posting on Facebook her new six figure income and bank accounts https://www.yahoo.com/news/m/fb9494ba-5df7

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