Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Elmerf123456 : Just remember folks the rate that Iraq has been dealing with was a sanctioned rate in 2003 I rack has started their I's and cross their T's. in saying that for one moment do you think they will continue to operate under a depressed rate entering the world stage ? I think not. We wait for the glorious day !
Netglobal :  I understand that Iraq and the IMF are having meetings in DC. Does anyone know when those meetings are over?
Okrocks :With the participation of 72 countries .. Washington hosts a meeting to install "victories war" in Mosul 11-07-2017 02:56 PM The Euphrates - Washington meetings, which start on Tuesday and continue until Thursday...

Dedar:  Do each of you remember about a month ago when Iraq said they will open their budget on July 12, 2017? Noone is talking about this today. Well, it's tomorrow. This has been kept very quiet since that time. Hmmm.... ) So Iraq is opening up their budget on the 12th.

Dinara:  Dedar...And someone said was the deadline for the 3rd zero to be dropped I think

Dedar:  Dinara yes that was with Frank with the 3 zeros.

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