Friday, July 7, 2017

TNT Exchange Story! , 7 JULY

imperium wrote 
6m ago 
So Blackjack's WM told him to prepare for exchanging today? Tony has told us countless times his bank contacts have been told that in the past year.

For all you Negative Nellies, Debbie Downers like imperium:

3m ago 
IMPERIUM - no, based on your mention of BLACKJACK and Tony and the WM situation....it seems you don't grasp the magnitude of what this RV involves. Some processes aren't simple, take longer and certainly not clearly black or white and I'm not referring to race here.

Now For The Good Stuff.....  Woo-Hoo, Go RV!!!!

Adept1 wrote 
22m ago 
VegasGal posted this yesterday: "TruckerBabe has a friend she trusts who has just exchanged with WF today. Specs: WF client for many years. No NDA, but took approximately .75-$1.00 less, since he did not sign an NDA. No fees, money available immediately. Rates: dinar: a little higher than Tony has been stating. Dong: Again, a little higher than Tony was stating (would not give her the exact number). Rupiah: $1.00. Zim: .03, but taking only 100 and 50 trillion notes."

ready4riches wrote 
18m ago 
anyone know what bank truckerbabe's friend went to ?

Maji girl wrote 
18m ago 
Ready.....Wells Fargo

VegasGal wrote 
9m ago 
drake: It is my understanding he asked for the highest rate WF could give him, without having to sign and NDA.

SassyD wrote 
8m ago 
correction...... I was listening when TruckerBabe first came OM yesterday morning and I understood her to say that her friend told them, right off the bat, he wouldn't sign an NDA...... My guess that was their que to offer the lesser rates.

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