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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Cliff Notes by Sunny)
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Housekeeping: Ray: Knowing and thinking something is going to happen are different things. People on this call and they were doing some thinking yesterday. They thought the intel they had, they thought I had it. They also thought that specific intel that they thought I had, they thought I was communicating it to people on the OM call yesterday. They also thought an RV was going to happen last night. You can get a lot of things wrong backwards. That’s what you all get for thinking. Next time know what your talking about. The results might be better.

CONFERENCE CALL: Ray: The message said, “Are timetables shifting.” . . . Means expectation of things to happen this week. Some reports of happening and some not. That would say the timetable has possibly shifted. Stuff out in the community – in some cases we don’t know where it leads without more information. Had reports that airports are no longer exchanging at the airport kiosks and referring people to banks. That’s only one or two so far. Why did they stop?

Told they received instructions. Where did the instructions come from? Told they got it from the International Currency Exchange, ICE. Guess they have something to do with the currency exchange kiosks. Appears they have some kind of controlling authority. And why did they do that? We learned it was due to a large volume of exchange activity they are doing . . . expecting, so they are referring people to banks. Contractors, adjustments to pay scale were expected this week. Have not received confirmation that happened yet. Waiting on some things to materialize. Still may see some things materialize today. . . Waiting on information I thought I would have by this time.

Trying to chase down a lot of stuff that’s being said out there. Trying to cross check with our references. A lot of things out in this community being communicated to you all. I know what people are getting because they are shooting it by me, wanting to know if it’s solid. Some not true. Some clearly preposterous and then some of them look and feel they could be 100% on the money. Anything that is real and solid will come 3 or 4 different ways, not just one way. By the end of the day we should be hearing things from 4 or 5 different directions and then we know it’s on the money.

CURRENT WINDOW: Ray: I’m still okay with tomorrow, Monday. I can live with that. . .

IRAQ: Ray: In country rates are still being reported to me. I’m waiting for more information. Contractor Adjustments to pay scale due July 21: There are no reports/confirmations this has happened TV / Mosques No reports today of what is on Iraq TV. I

NTERNATIONAL: Rates / Currencies: ZIM a bond? Ray: Still a big question mark. No new rates on the Rupiah. Ray: Iraq Dinar is the only currency talking about revaluing with the backing of it’s government.

UNITED STATES: Banks: 52 banks exchanging Iraqi Dinar includes Hawaii. 800 numbers: Ray: I have no idea. I don’t have anything to go on. I may receive info that will change my entire outlook when we finish this call. Time will tell.

Q & A: TNT Forum 
-I went to a wealth seminar. They recommended a Self-directed investment account. What is your take on that?
Ray: Did they propose it to be better than a self-directed ROTH IRA? I would bet the SDIA is 100% taxable. The Roth IRA is not.
-Timetable shifting?
Ray: I’m still okay with tomorrow, Monday. I can live with that.
-With Iran being major trading partner with Iraq. News 30 minutes ago indicated Iran closed a major deal. Without Iran RV would create imbalance?
Ray: No comments or inputs. I don’t hang out in those arenas.
Caller posed questions regarding gold, world wide activities.
Ray: I pretty much stay focused in one main area without being scattered over everything else. I cannot speak on those subjects in the manner you would like me to.
– With banks exchanging is the dinar an International currency?
Ray: 52 banks exchanging Iraqi Dinar. I’m not waiting for anything to be International, I’m waiting on the rate to change to exchange. If it has to be fully International, so be it.
– The documents you mentioned in the past that were signed. Do they have to be resigned if this goes on?
Ray: Not aware of any other dates or any documents becoming stale dated.
-Possibility the dinar becomes outdated 30-60 days post RV?
Ray: Our currency is not going back to Iraq. It will be exchanged for petro dollars.
Q & A: Callers
-Difference between Roth IRA and Self-directed Roth IRA?
Ray: A Roth IRA you do not control how it is invested. An SDRoth you get to choose how it’s invested. $6,000
-6,500 per year that can be put into it. -Is this call free?
Ray: We have two free lines and two I’m tying into them that I’m paying for.
Caller: How much are the costs?
Ray: I don’t want people struggling to pay for this call when they are struggling to put food on the table. We are doing good right now. Gman does a good job of reminding people. Thank you for your concern.

RAY’S CLOSING STATEMENTThis came across my desk – for select individuals. Sharing it for those it will apply. “Do you know where the Garden of Eden is? That’s the title. Reading some interesting things about Iraq you may not have known or had any idea. The Garden of Eden was in Iraq. 2 Mesopotamia which is now Iraq was the cradle of civilization. 3. Noah built the Ark in Iraq. 4. Tower of babel was in Iraq. 5. Abraham was from UR which is in southern Iraq. 5. Issac’s wife Rebecca was from Iraq. 6. Jacob met Rachel in Iraq. 7. Jonah preached in Min which was in Iraq. 8. Syria which is in Iraq conquered the 10 tribes of Israel. 9, Babylon in Iraq destroyed Jerusalem. 10. Daniel in the Lions den in Iraq. 11. The three Hebrew children were in the fire in Iraq. Jesus was the 4th person in the fiery furnace. Etc. Interesting reading.
Something to hold you while we are awaiting what we are seeking every so patiently. Something comes out I will get it to you. It’s Friday. Let’s enjoy our weekend. Keep believing. I know I do. (played “I Believe.)

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