Sunday, July 30, 2017


Article quote:  "In his visit to Moscow this week, Iraqi Vice President Nuri Al-Maliki peddled what he presented as his big idea: inviting Russia to build “a significant presence’ in Iraq to counter-balance that of the United States."    ...as Rudaw news stated ...Maliki holds an immense amount of power in Iraq AND he controls Parliament... So his running to Russia ahead of upcoming elections is no surprise...   AND the Kurds seeking independence vote before Iraq elections is crucial AND is not hard to speculate why! As Barzani stated, if Maliki becomes Prime Minister again or is the proxy to such...Then ADIOS!  Maliki doesn't need to be a candidate...he only needs someone he owns to become the PM.   ...I posted a few months ago on Maliki and becoming PM again...a few days later Oliver North was on Fox and discussed the issue and said it was a GREAT CONCERN...

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