Tuesday, July 25, 2017

"This is Real Intel" by Whoof, 25 JULY

From The GoldFish Report.

This is the real Intel here. The problem is the Federal Reserve was taken over and 800 trillion in stolen funds was found. That's our money but it's not yet understood by the new powers that be so if in their infancy of knowledge and by following the old system of cabal rules that still exist without the new changes that are not yet in place, you can be prosecuted and one guy is for buying an 800k RV. It's definitely our money that was stolen from us that has been there since the 20's and can be used to pay debts probably now without any problems but the high value purchases part is still risky until this is all ironed out with our new restored government. It's only been 2 weeks since the Treasury took over the Federal Reserve and found this 800T. The US Citizen was not made aware by the OPTW that everything they owned was pledged to the corporation. So we were tricked into paying taxes etc. Therefore, the 800T that is there that is called the Treasury Direct Accounts is stolen money and what people have done in the past is to try to take the stolen money and were prosecuted but it appears that perhaps it may be a beta test going on by the NPTB but no one really knows yet. 

Btw Trump is President of USA Inc. He did not take the Constitutional oath of office. Which makes him a burner President when the Republic is announced.


The TDA is actually misappropriated funds that were held by the cabal illegally instead of returning them to the Global Debt Facility which was the backing for the fiat money. You are using misappropriated TDA funds. If enough people use it we're safe in numbers. 

The Galactics have been asked to make a decision of whether or not to penalize those that have used it. No decision yet. The Galactics are in charge of the GCR now as any decisions re:GCR has been taken from Earthlings, as per Kent Dunn. Winston Shrout asked Kent Dunn to relay to Galactics to " get off their ass and get the GCR done cause it is causing the TDA problem in the first place".


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