Monday, July 3, 2017


The Truth Chat:

Tman23   My thoughts are...The lifting of the 3 zeros means...Lifting the zeros from the exchange and the notes...There will be a redenomination...

IMO...our chance comes where as the 3 zero notes may hold that new value including the zeros for a very short period of time... A VERY SHORT TIME

All we know for a fact is the CBI gave the green light to begin the process to lift the 3 zeros March 2015...Shabibi said it was a 3 step process with each phase taking about 6 months...IMO they are close...and proof of that is Kurd banks have been following CBI protocol...and the Erbil bank was to go FULL CBI BANK BRANCH July 1...so we are in the time line...

And if not by the 15th...then we are going to 2018...IMO! And I don't believe 2018 is favorable for what we want...or are looking for...IMO.


Breitling  …With Donald J Trump it doesn’t matter if you like him or hate him, the policies in the Middle East have changed.  It’s a completely different ball game…

What did Donald J Trump do when he got into office?   Not only did he follow the same exact campaign that Ronald Reagan did but he’s also following the same policy and what Ronald Reagan did with the USSR.  

How did Ronald Reagan crush the USSR?  He went to Saudi Arabia and he said you need to start spooling up the production of oil.  We’re going to lower the price of oil.  It’s going to jump start the American economy and that’s the number one export out of Russia. 

That’s going to hurt the Russians…To make up for the oil prices they are going to have to add value to their currency.  And it’s always been that way. 

The United States would do that if we were in the same situation.  It’s not market driven.  It’s policy driven…

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