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Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. There has been a lot of chatter and emails we received talking about the Treasury Directed Accounts, the TDAs. I am aware about them. I know about them. I don’t know everything about them. I do believe that people that brought this concept out might have done it a little bit early from what I hear. I am not going to abdicate it, not abdicate it. I think it is real and part of the debt forgiveness that I mentioned on Tuesday night call that we should have access to. I think right now until this has been put out officially one way or another, I think we are jumping the gun if we get into it. I think it is something that is coming as part of debt forgiveness and part of the Jubilee which we are in 2017. I believe it is something that is fascinating and really cool, but feel it is something that will be turned on when the RV itself is turned on for us. That is just my opinion. I know a little about it. I know enough to know that I am not pursuing it until there is an official explanation and education out there about it. Just heads up from me. That is what I wanted to get out because I know a lot of people have been curious what we think and if we know anything about it. Certainly we do.

Bruce: Additional information we want to put out is we thought we didn’t need to do a call tonight because we heard a lot of good things. I had 5 different release times I was told yesterday to look for everything to go. Five different times. Maybe something happened during those times. We just did not get it. We didn’t get it overnight. I was told midnight. Could some of those things be put out to confuse or make us jump here it is, no here it is? No. I don’t know. I don’t think information I got was intentionally wrong. I think some people get information and it could change. It is worse than the weather in Oklahoma. You wait a half hour and the Intel changes. I try to glean from the information and not get bogged down in any particular time or day. I know certain things are done and completed.

Bruce: Let’s go to Iraq. Iraq has completed a lot of what they needed to do. As far as we know they have done everything they needed to do. They had an addendum to the budget for 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 as far as oil prices per barrel. They are planning to make that addendum to the budget available, but it is not yet out. Maybe it will come out tomorrow. It has been discussed. Based on the prices of oil per barrel, and other factors in that budget, the addendum will determine the rate of the Iraqi Dinar is. They are getting ready to make that available.

Bruce: They have a new CBI site that will show that rate, and a new IMF office in Bagdad. They are getting ready. There is a whole new banking system in Iraq essentially ready to go. Right now as it is we really don’t have a true international rate out yet. However we do know Iraqi citizens’ have been issued new Qi cards and these cards are cards to be used to pay the profits in a profit sharing point of view from oil and natural gas from Iraq. Those cards have been issued and supposed to be activated by midnight tonight.

Bruce: My understanding is they should have available funds on them tomorrow for these Iraqi citizens. We also believe they will be able to determine the actual rate of the dinar is compared to the dollar, and they should know that tomorrow sometime. For that to occur, Iraq would need to have a new rate to use these cards internationally as Master Cards to be used all over the world. We believe so. They celebrated their sovereignty, their newness, and now just about to celebrate the revenue sharing taking place in their country. They will be paid every two weeks.

Bruce: West coast in the US. What about us? Where are we in all of this? We are at the point the Pay Masters of the groups and Tiers 1, 2, and 3 have received funds in their accounts and they are hydrated to pay their participants in those various groups. Some of those were to be paid out today. I don’t know if that occurred or not. My opinion is they probably will start with the 800 number or notification is released to us as Tier 4. A true gun-shot start. I believe as we are, they are waiting for that perfect time for release.

Bruce: We heard about the USN, the TRNS will be alive, then not alive. It is very difficult to know where we stand on that. They could be live and available and that is what is actually trading on the bank screens. The bank needs proper codes to see those and they can see the rates as trading still continuing to occur in world banks around the world. They are trading the rates up so when this is revealed to us, it is a very high rate for the currencies we are interested in.

Bruce: What we don’t know is the when. When is our turn as Tier 4 to be released? When does the 800 number come out to where it can be put out on the Big Call website: thebigcall.net, and given to me so I can do that and give it other sites as indicated I can do that. That is what we are waiting for.

Bruce: I have heard we have a new global financial system. A lot of that is due to the introduction of the new CIPS system, Fentech system as part of the Swift system and now called the new Swift System. I think it has been adequately tested. We did hear there was a glitch in one or two banks one last night and one more or less during the day yesterday, but I don’t know if it was too majorly, but I think it could have been something done nefariously. If so, I am confident they dealt with that and have everything back online by now.

Bruce: It is going to be a timing issue. We thought we would have this by now. It may be we have to have this in a day or so. Maybe if it doesn’t come for us tomorrow or tomorrow afternoon sometime, maybe we have to wait until early next week. Let us hold fast to the promise it is coming to us and knowing behind the scenes things are happening. Money is moving around the world to get everything ready for this. Believe me they are not standing still. Agreements have been signed. Agreements have been passed around to get everything done. We believe it is at that point there is little if anything that needs to happen.

Bruce: I really think it is the matter of the release. Who going to actually say GO? That is the real question I have. My thinking is from what I understand the Chinese Elders in conjunction with the Grandfather, possibly in conjunction with and integrated with the Premier of China. It could be a consensus to let this thing go then everybody else in the system has a part in it. The US Treasury has a part in it. The CBI has a part in it. The IMF has a part in it. I think there are several pieces but I believe everyone is lining up for it to go.

Bruce: I am positive as I ever have been. The timing is right here. I look at it very positively that we are about to receive. I am looking forward to making a difference in the world, and making those changes such as rebuild America, rebuilding the world, and helping the world to be a better place. We know we are going to do it with humanitarian projects, ministry, and helping our fellow brother and sister around the world. I am excited. We are very close.

Bruce: That is what I wanted to bring tonight. I don’t know when all of the SKRs are going to see their accounts hydrated and have access. That is what they are waiting for. My gut says it is going to happen about the same time the notification is going to happen to us to set our appointments and we go into the Redemption Centers. The Redemption Centers are ready. We still are on Hot Status. They are not going to come off of Hot Status until all the redemptions are completed. It is just a timing issue.

Bruce: Let’s take that and thank all for tuning in tonight. We appreciate all for being faithful and stay in faith to this as this comes through to us. Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, Kent, and all the listeners in Big Call Universe. Thank you everybody and have a great night. We will see you when we see you. Good Night Everybody. Have a good sleep.


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