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Bruce: Welcome Everyone to the Big Call tonight. Thank you for tuning in all over the Globe. I am excited. Things are coming to a close and I feel good about that. It is strange we have to do one more call. Overall we are pretty much seeing everything coming to completion. Let us see what is going on with Iraq? Iraq has done all it has to do except we are looking for the addendum for the budget which was passed. We are looking for it to show up in the Gazette. With it showing up in the Gazette the rate for the Iraqi dinar should show in the Gazette as well. My understanding is the printed version of the Gazette which is Iraq official newspaper, that newspaper is printed and available Wednesday and Saturday. My understanding is tomorrow’s version of the Gazette is printed and ready to go. We believe it has the information about the new addendum to the budget and the new rate for the Iraqi dinar in that budget.

Bruce: What am I saying is if everything else goes according to plan, we should be there very shortly. I cannot call it because you know things happen. We thought we be at this overnight. I had a lot of things pointing toward that, but it just wasn’t to be. We know that the AIIB and HSBC have been given the go ahead to the US Treasury to go forth. Does the US Treasury need Iraq to have the budge addendum put out in the Gazette before the release? Maybe so. Maybe the Gazette comes out around 1am EST or 8 am Iraqi time. Now I am not saying that is when it is going to go or could go, but it could be a good indicator that it should happen hopefully before the end of the week. We heard that we should be there by Friday, or maybe beforehand.

Bruce: The Redemption Centers, the offsite Redemption Centers, are going to be used to redeem the ZIM as well as exchange the other currencies. We know HSBC is over all the Redemption Centers. We had 7420 plus in North America. There may be more new Redemption Centers have been added. That figure is at least two to three weeks old. What I am saying is those Redemption Centers are after 8pm tonightPacific Time 100 percent staffed and are ready to go. They are on Red Hot Alert which means they have been told to be ready at a moment’s notice. That is pretty good. That means you are ready to go and they are.

Bruce: The Tier 1 and 2 banks are 95 percent staffed for exchanges and some Tier 3 banks were selected to do exchanges and 80% of them are ready to go, and will be 100 percent ready by Thursday. The thing that is meaning about the Redemption Centers for us is that the Redemption Centers and HSBC Banks are the locations that will be redeeming our ZIM bonds. The other Tier 1 and 2 Banks will not be in that position to receive the ZIM, not redeeming in the ZIM from what we understand. HSBC and HSBC Redemption Centers, which they are all under HSBC, is where we are going for the redemption.

Bruce: If you don’t have ZIM and you call the 800 number and gave them your other currencies, they may very well send you to another Tier 1 or Tier 2 bank to do those exchanges if you are not a ZIM holder. ZIM holders will be sent to a Redemption Center. The ZIM is actually a bond and not a currency. Let them know it is a gold back bond, and negotiate a privately negotiated rate higher than the screen rates.

Bruce: Anything above screen rates on all the currencies might require an NDA. A basic NDA is 1 and ¾ pages long. It can go as long as a 4 page NDA based on a leverage payout, or structure payout. The preferable term is leverage payout. You can set that up for up to 50 years. The main thing they want to know is the longevity of your projects and higher ability of people for new job and whether it involves infrastructure, creating jobs and longevity. Those are the 3 main things. 

Bruce: Our flagship to the Big Call will involve mentor and apprenticeship program. A lot of what we have to do is still on the drawing board. That is something we will get together on and create based on the ides I have and Sue, Bob and Kent have and create this. This will take us some time to do, but I think we will get started on it quickly. We will take a month off hopefully after tonight’s call. We will have a new website, new pod casts scenario online, etc. All that new technology. We will catch up to the 21st century.

Bruce: Rates are super high we hear. We know that Iraq for example is looking to receive a mutli-billion dinar loan from IMF. We believe everything is still planned for that to go through, but Iraq has to put out their rate. That is the last thing they need to do is put it out internationally and that should be in the Gazette tomorrow. That is what we are expecting. We are waking by faith.

Bruce: When it comes to your redemption exchanges, this is something you can expect to do in an hour and thinking in terms for a 2nd apt with the wealth manager with Wells Fargo, HSBC wealth managers after the exchange takes place. That would occur at the private offices with those individuals. You can set up your appointment for that at your initial exchange appointment.

Bruce: We have gone a lot longer on these calls than we had to. We are at a very exciting time. The vote that went through today in the Senate is very positive. It pertains well for us to move forward, and maybe that vote, procedural vote, was needed to be handled before we went completely all the way with the RV. Anything else regarding Gesara, TDA that could happen anytime from about 10 days after the start of our exchanges up to the first day of Gesara. As far as the TDA, I heard as little as 10 days after we go up to the first day of Gesara. I say be patient on those TDA and let the information come out. Don’t rush to try to transact that because a lot of those taking place have clawed back and you don’t want to be in that situation. We won’t get in depth with that.

Bruce: I think we are looking forward to get the 800 number. I expect to receive it and put it out on the web site: thebigcall.net and allowed to give it to couple of other locations online. Not sure about the transmission of the number if we will be allowed to text it or email it. Don’t expect an email with that number from the Big Call. What you want to do is check on the Big Call website if the 800 number has been posted at: thebigcall.net. We will be diligent about that regardless the time it comes to me. We will put it out as directed. I just want you to know I consider it an honor to be one to receive that toll free number for exchanges to go and be started.

Bruce: We know the Pay Masters’ accounts have been made liquid. Their accounts are ready to go. We also know that all the Pay Masters have received a certificate of authority to disperse funds to their members, but that authority to disperse I believe will come simultaneously with the release of the toll free number to me so we can set the appointments almost immediately while other people begin to be paid out . SKRs are to be made liquid on accounts that were frozen or on hold to be released. I am looking for that to happen almost simultaneously with our release with Tier 4 release. I do believe the plan has been for Tier 5, the John Q Public, those not paying attention and not finding the 800 number, those people will theoretically start the 1st of August my understanding. We will see how that shakes out.

Bruce: I am not going to hold my breath for announcements yet even on our own gold standard we are returning to. We don’t know when we will see that announcement. It doesn’t really matter for us. We believe the USN was already activated and is let say began to be traded or in position of replaced to the USD, the fiat dollar. The gold back USN is in place and been activated and release to that extent by the Treasury.

Bruce: Keep the faith and keep believing for this blessing to come through in short order.
Everyone has enough information to move forward and how to respond when they call the 800 number and use it to make an appointment and go in and exchange. When the numbers come out the Redemption Centers, which are ready to go now on Red Hot Alert and go at a moment’s notice. I don’t think there will be a lag time. Your appointment could take place 30 minutes after you call. We will see.

Bruce: There is not a whole lot else to bring you as far as Intel. We are at the end. I am looking forward to see evidence of the new budget to be in the Gazette tomorrow. Stay positive for that, belief for that.

Bruce: We are going to work with the rebuild America program, to get 50000 people from the Big Call to adopt a city, town, and a community starting with housing infrastructure, new builds as clinic, schools, community centers, and community gardens. A lot we have to plan. We will work with our veterans, the Veterans Retreat Network. It probably won’t involve your direct participation as much as we planned the last few years, but will have Equine Therapy to help our veterans. I will need that and Puppy Dog therapy as well to help them with their PTSD. We want to try to offer that at all of our Veterans Retreats all over the country. We will get back to you how we want you to participant in that.

Bruce: I am going to look for leaders all over the country that can help us with Rebuild America and to some extend with our Veteran Retreat Network. I am excited and I know you are too. We have been at this for a long time. I have been for 13 years. I am ready for it to start and go, and I know you are too.

Bruce: Thank you all for listening in all over the globe in Big Call universe. Thank you for being so faithful for these many years. I am looking forward to a possible wonderful night and Wednesday for us. Thank you Bob, Sue, Pastor Steven, and Kent. Good night everybody and have a blessed night and get some sleep.


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