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"Testing the New Financial System" by Fireswan , 15 JULY

NESARA must be very close.


The NPTB (  New Powers That Be) are testing the new financial system on the general public.

How do I know this?

I work in Information Technology (IT). Before we release a new service/product/application, we test it with knowing or unknowing beta customers.


To get real work loads to look for behaviors that were unexpected to catch bugs in the system. Even the super-duper computer cannot "see" the unforseen.

Humans have a random component to them that makes them unexpected. Maddening for the controllers, but also gives us our juicy "secret sauce" that makes humans so interesting. We are not very predictable.

So, when testing a new system on the unsuspecting public, especially with a very "activating" agenda like a new financial system, what does an IT director do?

Release features one-at-a-time in a very controlled way, with a lot of machine learning features turned on to try to capture how the system responds "with actual customer use cases" to "actual loads"... as it's known in the biz...

First. Release info. "You can access your secret FRB account... here's how..."

Test "What/Why" - can the unsuspecting public figure out what FRB is associated with their SSN, and what happens when they try to pay off bills, and which bills do they pay off. Great data set. Does anyone attempt to buy a Bentley? Or are most of the attempts just to provide relief...

Next. Test "How/Where/When" - watch what happens as the unsuspecting users go into their various banking systems and attempt to improve their situations. Some follow the instructions exactly, some don't, but it's all good from a tester's perspective because the data analytics needs both kinds of "data flows".

Next. Reverse some of the payments.

If there are "problems", the unsuspecting users contact customer service (or not). Reach out for help from the folks who released the info. Or do other things to "get it to work". Usually the unsuspecting user has some "skin in the game" and will keep trying alternatives. They will act out varying levels of entitlement, insult, patience, trust, gratitude, disbelief, etc.


Once a user has "gone down the road" once, they're somewhat invested and committed to getting it to work. I know. It's a human thing. Programmers and UX (user experience) designers are always evaluating the fine line between hope and giving up out of hopeless frustration. How creative are the unsuspecting users to come up with new and unforseen work flows? How many attempts do they make before they give up? How do they try to get around the obstacles and road blocks? What do they do? On-and-on.

The programmers will change their models. The work flow analysts will update their processes.

And then what do they do? Turn the test system off and UPDATE to get everything into a "known state" and release it into "production.

At somepoint the test system switches over to the production system when the risks of catastrophic failure from unforeseen data input or workflows are deemed acceptable, and it is more costly to "gold plate"... again, term from the biz... the system... than to "ship it" and make corrections as fine tuning happens in the "wild" or "the field".

OK. So that's all adding up. Now what?

We've tested the FRB system (thank you unsuspecting), now have them test the NPTB system.

Out comes the golden ticket. Only one number.

Users are relieved that there is only one routing number.


Simpler. The advantage of this new test is that the tester will accept a "clean slate" and start over.

If their transactions were returned, they'll try again with the new info. New input. Are they going to do it in exactly the same way, or now try a different approach? What is the learning curve like? What do they do if this also has problems, but they are different problems than using the first codes. How do they respond, adjust? Do they have more hope (investment) or are they more easily frustrated? What do they do when frustrated?

Notice, now the guidence is to report the codes that are given when the system fails. There are leaked places to report these codes...

How able are ordinary people to "game" or reverse engineer the system? What happens when they find the error codes? Are they motivated to fix the problem "with the bank", taking some ownership and responsibility, or are they helpless and hopeless? Do they give up and not report.

Or do they "wait for NESARA"?

Do the reports of success "go viral" faster than the reports of failure? Gotta have some successes for the users to provide their free testing services for the system owners. The carrot has to be more juicy than the stick is painful.

Usually beta testing with actual users/customers doesn't go on too long because they'll need to switch over to production before there's a catastrophic breach of trust and the situation spins out of control. Gotta upgrade the chomping at the bit users to a real/working solution before they start going "awhal".

Therefore, with all of this analysis from an IT perspective, we must be very close.

Very close.


"GCR - Admiralty/Maritime Law" - Intel Update (Real News) by Mr. Ed 7-14-17

INTEL Update (Real News) via email - "GCR - Admiralty / Maritime Law" 7/14/17

Subject: GCR - Admiralty / Maritime Law
What is happening now is...the "Currency Reset" roll out.

It is known as the GCR. (Global Currency Reset)

It is the return to "gold backed" money.

Not (fiat) "Federal Reserve Notes". (backed by "Birth Certificate Bonds"...an IOU or nothing at all)

An IOU will promise to pay at a future date...with no arrival of the future date.

People stopped being "born" in 1933.

After 1933 they are "pledged".

"Berth" (old English) for when a ship is "born" (manufactured) and launched into water at its "berth". (dock)

Understand that in "Admiralty / Maritime Law"...the "boat" (child-vessel) slides down the "river" (birth canal) to the stainless steel table at "the hospital" (dry dock) and is "born" (berthed) into the world.

Then In runs the Social Security (dry dock) Staff...to give the (boat registry number) to the child immediately. (Presidential Executive Order #13037 President Clinton 1999 - chattel-asset-animal-people)

Years ago this happened literally...when twins were born to Joan Doe in a Kalamazoo Michigan hospital.

Joan Doe (19 years old) had barely got off the delivery table when they came with forms and demands for her to sign up the twins.

It was unbelievable to witness.

We stopped the registry of the "vessels" (her twins) by constantly standing on her rights and their rights.

So you have many remedys rolling out and coming into place.

First...we have the currency reset.

Then...we go from Federal Reserve Notes...to U.S. (Gold Backed) Dollars or U.S. Notes coming from the (NEW) "Restored Republic" U.S. Treasury in Reno Nevada.

We have been guaranteed a Republic since 1782. (Article IV Section IV, Constitution)

The new dollars (notes) are backed by gold...thanks to "The B.R.I.C.S. Nations". (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa)

'No gold backed currency'...we do not deliver our products from over seas to your docks in the USA...because we want payment in real money. (you do not have)

"The squeeze" is on...as all nations are forced to leave 'The Controller - Super Bank" (a Central Bank / Federal Reserve) in every developed nation on this planet.

Book education: "Secrets of the Federal Reserve" by Eustice Mullins"

Rockefeller took the gold out of Fort Knox in 1927 and shipped it to his bank in France.

This created "The Great Depression" in one stroke.

He printed $10K gold notes in numbers above and beyond what he reported to Congress.

Then sent the notes to France and called them in.
"The Great Depression" was "The Greatest Heist" ever in the history of this country.

Bread lines...banks closed...and they stole all your safety deposit boxes and anything of value found in them.

Then in 1933 Reck-a-fellow moved back to Manhattan and called in the notes from France and made $15.00 per ounce on the gold...super rich once again.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road...The Wizard of Ounces known as "Oz".

'Toto' the little black dog was "in the black" (black dog - animal-chattel-asset) once he went behind the curtain and discovered "The Wizard". (Rockefeller)

So...General Dunford raids the New York Fed a couple years back and picks up $9T.

This money is (presumably) going to be released to the American public @ $100K per month...for 12 years. (a 'super fund')

Then we have "The Swiss Indo" from the days of John F. Kennedy (another 'super fund') to be released for $1,200. per month for every adult on the planet.

Then we have the St. Germain Trust. (not sure how much is being released from this 'super fund')

Then we have the foreign currency exchanges (and their exchange rates) which is part of the GCR around the globe. (Iraqi Dinar...Vietnamese Dong...Zimbabwe Gold Bonds and more)

Then we have more 'super funds' via the release of the B/C (Birth Certificate) Bonds (held by the Vatican worldwide) via the Treasury Direct Account.

There is nothing to stop it from rolling out.

It is "The Grand Jubilee".

The Wizard's reign has come to an end.

To understand how we got into this mess...read: "Rise of the Fourth Reich" by Jim Marrs. (how the Nazi's found treasure of King Solomon in France and Spain hidden in the mountains...prior to 1944)

Old man Bush said..."we will have a New World Order".

Well...he was / is head of the Fourth Reich

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