Friday, July 7, 2017

Some Tidbits from “The Big Call”, 7 JULY

Some Tidbits from “The Big Call”

Bruce: I am hearing that things are moving out west to complete the process with groups, with core groups and so on. Even prosperity packages have still not gone out. I believe they are about to go out. II am still hearing its going to be a shotgun start. Everyone will go at once.

People who have already exchanged have received some liquidity, but they still have SKR's or account that say “hold or pending” .

Everyone is still waiting for their funds. They will get full liquidity of their funds about the time we get notified with the toll free number.

It's an orchestrated start for all to take part in this blessing together at the same time.

I am hearing that it is the desire of Chinese Elders and Grandfather. The release is right here. It could happen right before the G20 gets under way.

Those of us in the internet group will be going slightly ahead of John Q Public. As few as 2 days or as many as 9 days in between the 2 groups.

I am still hearing that we are going to receive a toll free number. I feel very honored to be chosen as a receiver of the number. We are not to text or email that number out. I do not have official instructions yet.

I can't call it, but we are looking very, very good for this to take place.

Everyone is antsy. Try to stay patient and know it's here and coming to us

If you have Zim, don't forget to mention you have Zim if you have it. The second number sounds like it's for Zim holders only.

Do not give out the second number you receive as it may have something to do with your account number.

Exchange your currency and redeem your Zim bonds.

Security is going to be very, very high at the redemption centers. As many as 7,430 redemption centers in North America.

Regarding the actual exchange. They want us in and out in about an hour.

You will set up your first trust and then you will set up your second appointment a week or so later.

The plan is not to try to do everything on your first encounter

You should be able to leave the redemption center with the new currency. We believe that is still the plan.

I think that we will also have debit cards. We believe they will be the new black card. It may not be black in color. It may be titanium. It may be stamped at the redemption center with your name, etc.

The card will be used to have access to your mother-load account. There will probably be a "key" necessary in addition to the card.

You should be able to handle money transfers/wires and get some bank checks at your first appointment.

Be sure to let them know if you plan on doing any humanitarian projects.

All the intel is looking great. Everything looks really good…… like it could happen at any moment.

We are not going to call it, but it could happen soon.

I will be on a hiatus  for a month or so after we get the 800 numbers.

Closing:  "Goodbye everybody. Have a great life!"

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