Friday, July 14, 2017

Some Intel Tidbits from Bruce on “the Big Call” Thursday Night, 14 JULY

Bruce, I am never going to bring something to you that I feel is not the  truth . I vet it. I have to feel confident about it. I never  and would never try to tell you anything that is not true.

We have thought that we have been there for weeks; even several months. Looking back we can see things come through in the last week or two that needed to happen before the GCR could happen.

Massive funds that needed to move to cover all our exchanges and groups. Those things all needed to be in position. We hear that they are now.   Is there anything else we are waiting for? I can't say there is  anything else.

We really are at the point we can believe this is the time for all of us. It's real and It's coming.

We know people whose funds are now showing little bit of liquidity. Most people’s funds  are in pending account status or SKR's. We  know the date for these people to have this liquidity and it's very, very close.

We know that they have the intention to pay us out very soon and to get us started. We know there are groups in the cue slightly ahead of us; some have exchanged and some are still waiting.

We know that it's supposed to be a shotgun start or an orchestrated start. That's still the plan.

I get a lot of information from several different sources. What we are hearing about Mosul is that it is safer than some of the places in the U.S.

They've been celebrating in Iraq and they are ready to go. The ISX is open. There's a good possibility  that  early Sunday morning the Forex will recognize the Dinar.

We also know the Iranian Rial is part of the GCR. We've known for 14 weeks.

I can tell you that I believe that they've tried to do trades between banks around the world to bring the currencies up to a rate at a fairly high value.

What's going on with our groups? The Farm claims? The PP's? The Indian claims? The Fines and penalties? It is my understanding that they are in the process, and maybe see progress over night tonight or sometime tomorrow.

The activity out west has been going great.

We should all be a part of that process very soon. I really think we should be a part of this by the weekend. This is based off what I'm hearing.

We are also hearing that the Redemption Centers were at 85% staffed on Tuesday. Since then, we are on hot status which is like "engaged". We don't come off "hot" status until exchanges are completed. We are 95% staffed.

This is all of the Tier 1 & Tier 2 banks. At 90%, that's enough of a percentage to go.

What else is going on? I am  hearing, the internet group should have at least 6 days to exchange at the Redemption Centers's. The Tier 1 & 2 banks will be exchanging at the same time and will go 9 - 10 days.

At some time, there will be a resetting, the John Q people will start around July 28th. That's the timeline as it's laid out.

We are right there imo, and we could get started through the weekend. Most of us will be out in and done in 3 to 4 days.

We are in the place of expectation. We think the weekend will be highly significant for us. We know the rates will be continuing to trade up... Interesting about the Forex. There's a safety valve on the Forex that will allow them to go up 30 - 40% but only drop about 8%.

The new rates may show on Saturday night,,,UN rates. Unknown if they will. It might be a significant day for us. It could be, but I just don't know.

The new rates may show on Saturday night,,,UN rates. Unknown if they will. It might be a significant day for us. It could be, but I just don't know.

Bruce feels we are at the point to be notified!

I am still hoping this is the last call we will have to do for about a month.

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