Thursday, July 6, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 6 2017

Compiled 12:12 am EDT 6 July 2017 by Judy Byington

A. July 5 2017 Outlaws Group Conference Call Tilton, Tank: Outlaws Group Conference Call W/ Phillip Tilton, Tank, Carlos 7/5/17
- Duration: 59 seconds.

1. Today July 5 in Poland Trump had a secret UN emergency mtg. where the US received permission to impliment NESARA.

2. Today July 5 at 4 pm PDT in California Tier 4 began exchanges.

3. After the exchange centers began the 800 numbers would be released within 48-72 hours and before Fri. July 7.

4. All countries currencies would go at the same time.


B. July 5 2017 7:27 pm EDT Bluwolf: "No Holdups" - Bluwolf Intel Update 7-5-17

1. The GCR is fully hydrated and in the hands of all the countries of the world.

2. There are no holdups, nor will they ever be anymore.

3. We are 100 percent Gold Standard.

4. Tiers 1 thru 3 have been all attended.

5. We simply await our turn to go in, pending the 800 number.


C. July 5 2017 7:28 pm EDT Operation Disclosure RV Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure RV/Intel Alert for July 5, 2017 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. North Korea is the last remaining Zionist stronghold.

2. The Cabal are using North Korea to threaten China, Russia and South Korea with mass immigration.

3.The Cabal want credit - to be remembered for what they did to us.

4. The NPTB will give them nothing. They will be erased from history as if it never happened.


D. July 5 2017 6:27 pm EDT Geopolitical Overview: "Silence" - GCR/RV/Geopolitical Overview - Wednesday - July 5, 2017

1. Everything is building toward this weekend's G20 as a back wall for the RV.

2. The entire country of North Korea is being used by remaining Cabal Zionist generals as a human civilian shield. They are threatening mass causalities and unstoppable mass immigration across the boarders of South Korea, China and Russia.

3. We hear all they want is credit for enslaving the world for 13 millennia in all disclosure materials.

4. It's not happening. They are getting nothing. No money, no status, no seat at the table, and no credit. That's how much control the NPTB have over the Cabal - total extinction.


E. July 5 2017 TNT Call : TNT Showtime CC Cliff Notes by Sunny1 7-5-17 Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# https://events.iteleseminar.com/?eventID=99564222

1. Iraq's National celebration took place, but there was no official announcement of Mosul. PM of Iraq Abadi is saying that Mosul is liberated. US is reporting that Mosul will be completed by the end of the week.

2. The ISX reported at 1 Dinar to 1 USD.

3. I received several reports over the July 4th weekend that (bank) memo’s did come out indicating (the RV) sometime this week. US banks giving notices to employees to be ready for something to happen this week. US information saying “this week.” Iraq side saying “this week.” I'm predicting 10 for 10 that the (RV) will happen this week.

4. Dong: Some people say there is a contract rate for the Vietnamese Dong. Supposedly it will be a rate it will never get to on it’s own. I’m all in on that one. If the regular rate is $1.00 and contract rate is $15, it’s unlikely the $1.00 rate will grown to $15. Each currency will have a different scenario. The Dong is already international and traded.

5. The $2.00 Dinar I’m expecting to move up so I’m going to take the money I received from exchanging the Dong and buy the $2.00 Dinar (expecting the Dinar to appreciate even more.) Kuwait went up in 8 – 9 days. Hedge funds grabbed it and drove it up. We are going to ride that wave. Iraq has said “our currency will be able to stand up to $16.00.”


F. July 4 2017 Real Truth Call Yosef: Real Truth Call CC Replay "Yotel" w/ Yosef 7-4-17https://fccdl.in/vZcWAKgsO

Zim is in triple digits (screen rate) because that is what it is worth. The Zim is more than 100 times the worth of the US dollar.

We have full force support of the military for the exchange. They are going to cover us going in, during and going home - in the air, land and sea.

The GCR has already happened. The new currencies are in the bank and already trading on the international market.

There has been a complete global financial change. The old financial system is completly dead. The new financial system is in place.


G. July 5 2017 11:27 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Glass" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Wednesday - July 5, 2017

1. We're all looking for the 800#s and release of bank contact information to set exchange appointments. Release was at hand before the 4th of July weekend but international flare ups held them back - temporarily.

2. North Korea is a problem for reasons not reported in the press. It's a nation of 25 million innocent people who could find themselves nationless in a matter of hours. That kind of humanitarian crisis is very troubling to the NPTB, if the situations in Raqqa, Mosul and Yemen aren't bad enough. All of the above conflicts were scheduled to be resolved in full before the G20 this Fri. and Sat. July 7, 8.

3. Structurally, from a banking and security point of view, everything is whole and complete, but the Elders are looking for calm conditions before release.

4. Take Qatar for instance, it's a very important player in Middle East energy moving forward. So we wait until their issues are resolved with Saudi Arabia in full.

5. Has the remaining Cabal attempted to slow down or even stop GCR/RV? Sure. Is it working? Yes.

6. Will it stop anything long term? No. The GCR/RV must happen because there is no other choice for the world to function by this new benevolent financial system which is already in place and humming nicely.

7. Relax, kick back, eat some 4th of July leftovers and watch this big epic monetary ship dock in calm waters. Only when the lake is like glass will those elusive "digits" come pouring out.


H. July 5 2017 2:34 pm EDT American People File Claim to Rights of Interest Holders of bankrupted US Corporation: "Excellent News!" by Suzi - 7.5.17


I. July 5 2017 4:18 pm EDT NESARA Projects: Insights to NESARA: A Selection of Proposed Projects Proposed Environmental & Humanitarian Projects for funding through Prosperity, Environmental or Humanitarian Programs or private enterprise.


J. July 5 2017 July 12 KTFA: "Until July 12th" - Wed. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26

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