Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Article:  "IRAQI TROOPS PUSH TO CLEAR LAST MOSUL GROUND OF IS MILITANTS"   Quote:  "Iraqi forces slowly advanced on Monday to retake the last patch of ground in Mosul where Islamic State militants are holding on to a tiny sliver of the Old City, west of the Tigris River, a day after the prime minister visited the soldiers to congratulate troops on the hard-fought battle."   After numerous time lines have come and gone on the expected liberation of Mosul we are finally to the point of the last "patch" being cleared out.  They were close enough yesterday to bring out Abadis victory announcement ...I am surprised to read that they still talk about 100's of IS fighters remaining.  The statement looks like an exact quote of what we have been hearing for days now.  Lots of guessing going on but clearly the operation is coming to a close from the military side.

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