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July 6, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.  

Now that the liberation effort is almost completed (99.9999% done) Iraq is making provision to implement the National Reconciliation Agreement. Here comes the reconciliation enforcement. What this piece of an article talks about it the MOST IMPORTANT part of the reconciliation effort.

The National Reconciliation Adviser in the Prime Minister's Office revealed the existence of a code of conduct regulating the relationship between the components of the Nineveh province after its liberation, while the presidency of the National Council of the tribes and tribes of the province insisted on applying strict instructions to those who cooperated with the terrorists.

For his part, the President of the National Council for the tribes and tribes of the province, Sheikh Salah Salim Khalidi, "there are strict measures will be taken with collaborators with terrorists," calling "and their families after the liberation of Mosul in full.
" Al-Khalidi said in a statement to the "morning" that "tribes, The segments of the society are standing with the application of the general law of the state, with emphasis on the importance of taking every person entitled to his right, "pointing out that" the abuse of the people must be applied to the provisions of legal articles that condemn and take retribution from him because of his cooperation with the criminal elements to organize " "Terrorist, especially those whose hands have been stained with the blood of innocent people Aziza province ".
We still wait for PM Abadi to make his speak and tell the world it is “officially” done. I suspect this will happen sometime this week. I can not see  how they can delay this any longer based on all the progress the security forces have made over the last couple days.
More Factual news…….
The governor of the Central Bank Ali Al-Alak, said on Monday, an important meeting with the International Monetary Fund during the month of August next, noting that the basis of Iraq’s fulfillment of the requirements of the Fund launch of grants and loans agreed upon. This about Iraq getting the money they were promised if they fulfilled their goals with the IMF. I can assure you this is not a meeting about the RV or to get approval for an RV….lol….lol…So let’s now go off running about some RV because of this.
I need to clarify what some so called intel “guru” is now telling everyone. He says the rate of the dinar IQD has changed in-country to 1:1 with the USD. Really? Yet he bring no real proof. Just another makes believe, wishful thinking once again. Throughout my many newsletters over the last 6 years I have listed some of the criteria we should be watching for when the rate of the IQD changes. Have you read these newsletter? Did you pay attention to what I was saying? So are you now seeing these events?
The answer is of course NO! So how can the IQD now be at 1:1 with USD?
Folks this is not rocket science. There is not a conspiracy to hide it from us or from the Iraq people. Simply put these are the items/events that MUST take place and the CBI has told us this over and over again. So why can’t we watch for them prior, during and just after any significant change in the value of the dinar. What are these items/events?  I list once again to you today:
·       The CBI must educate the people so as to discourage thieves, banks and street venders from ripping them off in their exchange;
·       The CBI must notify merchants so they can change the pricing;
·       The CBI must slowly launch the new notes;
·       Pay scales must change;
We have not see any of these items. Have we? Did I miss them?
Many of you are going to bash me and say that there are other requirements like inflation must be controlled (very low) or that they need the security (physical protection for the people, anti-terrorism measures), political stability (a stable govt) and financial reforms (anti-counterfeit measures, anti-corruption measures in the currency auctions, anti-money laundering measures, etc..).
I say kudos to you for being so astute and aware. I have trained you well to think..lol…lol….However  I believe all these items are already taken care of already (mostly as part of the Stand By Agreements with the IMF) and so these are not what I am now talking about today. 

I am talking now about when the next phase of the “project to delete the zeros” is implemented. What will be the signs to us that they are moving forward with a significant change in the rate so we can prove and confirm without a shadow of a doubt it really taking place. This is now what I am talking about. Get it? No Rumors, No Hype ,,,,,, just the FACTS.
In the past I have told you that I too believe that the rate may change in-country first and this may last for days if not weeks prior to the final roll-out to the international exchanges. I also said when they do roll it out to the global exchanges the plan now is to peg the IQD to an SDR basket of currencies. Right now it is pegged to a de-facto peg to the USD. This is an artificial peg and was designed purely to stabilize the dinar in a time of crisis. You see they must do this to measure progress in the economy and somehow place a gauge on the value its currency. Otherwise how else do you do this? But this is a temporary measure and is not meant to last forever. Once the crisis is over and the country is more stabilized, they will move to their permanent peg.
Just so happens that in the process the rest of the world experienced a huge financial downturn and so a “basket” of currencies is going to be instituted. And so this SDR basket was suggested to be used for the final peg for the IQD as well. Many of these so called intel “gurus” are leading you to believe it is the dinar value that will drive the other currencies, as they set their values to it. This simply could not be more wrong. This would only lead to the same financial chaos the world is now experiencing. With all the constant war and chaos in the middle east how could anyone think this would be a good idea? So the middle east more than any region in the world needs this remedy of the SDR basket and spreading the risks.
So again these intel “gurus” only mess with your mind and confuse you because they really don’t know what is going  on and really have no business even having their forums or conference calls. But of course their motives are not to get it right anyhow. Their motives are all centered around the clickity-clicks for the advertisers and this is big $$$$. They are not the ones you should be paying attention to. They never seem to get it right. Nor do I believe they ever will.
I listed those five currencies of the SDR basket for you. Over time these five currencies could change as other countries are added to “balance” out the risks. This is the first round of the SDR baskets and I believe it will change over time. The IMF is doing this so no one country can bring chaos, havoc and financial downfall throughout the globe, such as was the case in 2008 and other past situations.
I believe that, now that the security situation is becoming better every day, the CBI is now making preparations for the next phase of the “project to delete the zeros” and is setting a time table for the events to come. Will it happen the second Mosul is declared totally freed? Of course not and I would be very surprised if it did. But it may not be long afterwards.
All we can do is sit back and hope no more events or situations don’t come in the way of this effort. Remember the CBI tried in early 2011, 2013, then again in late 2015 and then told us at that time it was postponed until early 2017.
Then in early 2017 told us it was postponed again and the wording of this announcement told us it was because they were tired of projecting timeframes, only to have the ISIS situation drag on and on.
However at that time they did tell us it would be done in 2017 sometime. 

Remember too that just recently they recycled an article telling us the project to delete the zeros was still going to happen in EARLY 2017. Hurray!
I don’t know what they think is EARLY. It is now July already and to me this is mid-year and no longer early….lol…lol…But it is significant and since they did not change the timeframe they still mean to do it VERY soon. Remember the Arabic language translators don’t always get the exact meaning, as if you were speaking the language. We know this has been the problem with interpreting the news all along. Sometimes you can’t take it literally but must know the feeling or incentive behind the statements they make.
More Factual news……
So the CBI announced that 1,000 dinars would be allocated to the citizens of Iraq under the Food program.  This tells us the Food program is still active. This is something we know will go away once the Food for Oil sanctions are lifted “fully”. However, there is also a sweet note to this news. I believe they are just piggy-backing off the Food program for now so tens of thousands of people don’t starve due to the Mosul region crisis. There have been many articles telling us this program will shortly go away. Did they just postpone this action for now due to ISIS crisis? So how much food can 1,000 dinars buy anyhow? Only about $80 US dollars’ worth of food. This is barely enough for a two people for a week. Does this mean that maybe the dinar rate has changed and in fact the IQD is 1:1 par with the USD and they are actually getting 1,000 USD worth of food? No! This is all just nonsense again. The intent of the govt is to give just a week’s worth of food to the people and nothing more. Again this is a grain of sand being made into a mountain of intel by these so called intel ”gurus”. They do this by taking any current event then they back into their theory of an RV using this info. They do it  without any real proof or FACTS to back it up. So relax. Iraq did not yet have an RV.
Articles are below. As always my comments are in italic RED.
Articles Begin
Central Bank: Iraq has passed the stage of danger and moved from gray to follow-up
(This is one of those WOW articles. VERY powerful! Please read it. The CBI is telling us there is now the level of SECURITY and STABILITY they require. But why is the CBI telling the citizens this? Why not the GOI? Required for what? Read my lips – IT IS BECAUSE THEY ARE ABOUT TO RE-EDUCATE THE CITIZENS ON THE “PROJECT TO DELETE THE ZEROS and then move to the next phase of the project – the Revaluation and launching of the lower denominations.)
The governor of the Central Bank Ali al-Alak, on Monday, Iraq has passed the stage of danger after it was heading from the “gray zone” to “black,” pointing out that Iraq has now moved to the “follow-up”.

Al-Alak said that “Iraq has gone a long way in the issues of combating money laundering and terrorism financing. After there were observations and a report prepared by the Financial Action Organization to measure the extent of the commitment of countries to combat money laundering and terrorism financing by the end of 2012 was alarming, in the (black list) “.

He added that “after efforts and through the issuance of a new law to combat money laundering and activation of the Anti-Money Laundering Bureau by the Central Bank and the measures taken by the bank in the follow-up to banks and financial institutions and develop a lot of procedures related to the operations of regulation and control of the financial sector and banking in particular, Iraq was able to overcome the danger stage after it was going from (gray area) to (black), but we moved from (gray) to the (follow-up area).
The governor of the Central Bank Agency, “Iraq’s exit from the subject of follow-up on the fulfillment of Iraq’s requirements and obligations of the Organization.” 

Canada seized a shipment of oil from the region at the request of Baghdad
(So you want FACTS as to why the KRG and the GOI are now not getting along? In my last newsletter I explained the reasons why the KRD is threatening to vote on a referendum to succeed from the GOI. This article today says it all and is proof FACT of what I have been saying all along. The KRD is selling oil behind the back of the GOI beyond the agreed budget requirements, and they don’t like it. Read my lips – THEY NEED AN HCL. The reason why they can’t agree on the HCL is for this reason. Will this hold up any RV? WE wait to see if it will as it may delay it if the situation gets bad enough.)
Baghdad: Euphrates News} court documents showed, that the Federal Court of Canada ordered the confiscation of a shipment of crude oil volume of 721 thousand, and sold 915 barrels of the Kurdistan region on board the tanker "Neverland" at the request of the Ministry of Oil.
The Oil Ministry has set up a lawsuit against the Vitol Foundation for the trade of goods and branches including Mansell Limited, a chartered tanker, and Wenawal Spa de Naviggsaon owner of the tanker to claim an amount of $ 32.5 million. 
According to Reuters Iraq alleges that the shipment Achtlsthe KRG illegally and sold to Vitol for being uploaded to the "Neverland". 

The agency {Bloomberg} International, reported on 23 June last, that an oil tanker carrying oil from the Kurdistan region, set sail on its way to the coast of the United States, for the first time in three years.

According to the agency, said the tanker {} Afaramaks NEVERLAND normally used to transport about 650 thousand barrels out of the Mediterranean Sea two days ago, and she had left a week ago, the port of Ceyhan in southern Turkey , where the shipment of the Kurdistan region 's oil shipments by traders. 

Show vectors {Nevirland paths} it is heading towards the east coast of the United States, although it could still change its destination being not given instructions sailing Nhaiah

The problem of the Iraqi reconciliation project
(This is a VERY good article and will help you understand the scope of and obstacles with the Reconciliation effort)
Prince Al-Mufraji
Jul 06, 2017
With the start of the announcement of the reconciliation project in the media and the nature and affiliation of the characters invited to it, the Iraqi political scene is more forthcoming, as the political intentions of the category beyond the interest of the political system, in the process of forming electoral coalitions of political entities, with the end of the chapters of the battle of Mosul, Killing thousands of dead and millions of displaced people of the city, and the dead members of the Iraqi military and security. 

It is worth recalling that the process of holding the reconciliation conference to be held on July 15 is sponsored by the United Nations, American support and blessing, and Arab Gulf support to discuss the arrangement of a post-al-Qa'ida stage to participate in the political process through the 2018 elections.

It seems that the United States of America, through organizing this conference, aims to put an end to the tragedy and the Sunni diaspora in the Iraqi political scene by forcing leaders who are considered leaders of this Arab component to leave the stage of political action abroad and return to the Iraqi capital Baghdad to participate. In rewriting the political process, like the Shiite component, which represents the main political system in the regime, despite the refusal of many personalities close to Tehran, the establishment of the conference. (Of course those Iraqi politicians aligned with Iran do not what this conference, this alone tells you what is the heart of the problem in Iraq. The Iranian influence.)

On the other hand, the nature of the Iranian position remains ambiguous in terms of the objectives and objectives of this conference and its participants in the official silence of the leaders of the Islamic Republic and the hostile media campaign, which were rejected by many of the leaders of the Dawa Party, who threatened to target him, as the conference of treason and conspiracy on Iraq driven by external forces», where he described former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki these foreign projects in the treatment of internal differences, as projects do not want good for Iraq, and this goes in the opposite direction to the goal set by Prime Minister Haider Abadi , By telephone With Donald Trump's administration, to reshape the political scene, through a system that brings Iraqis together and ensures that the United States remains in Iraq.

Here, we must go back a bit and recall the important phrase launched by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi during his meeting with the coalition of the international coalition against an organization calling for "on 3 December 2014 in Brussels, when he declared that" military action alone will not defeat the organization of the state.(Instead they will need also ) Positive steps towards government reform, national reconciliation and the rebuilding of the economy and society. "

It is clear that the Iraqi political scene, through the rejection of the Iraqi forces and parties of Iran, may become more complicated and more difficult, despite the support of the US and the Gulf of this conference, where the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi is unable to get out of the tunnel Sectarianism and subordination, which have foiled the institutions of the Iraqi state in the management of files for national reconciliation.

On the other hand, the list of participants from the Sunni component of the upcoming National Reconciliation Conference showed that there is a serious difference in national goals and visions and divergent views of the participants themselves regarding the future political and social future of the country, The future of Iraq and its unity, between the Sunni Arab opposition figures, which exist in Iraqi Kurdistan, and some of which reached the extent of acceptance of the division of Iraq and start his silence, immediately after the liberation of the city of Mosul, seeking hospitality in the context of giving back to the Kurdish brothers.

We also do not know how a common national objective will be established between the participants, from financially and politically supported groups, from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who officially announced their support for this conference, and how to succeed in reaching a point of convergence and understanding between tribal princes, Who have found Doha a safe place and a source of support for them in this dangerous period of Saudi-Qatari dispute, not to mention the repercussions and possible divisions that will overshadow the agenda of the conference, after the reservation of the UAE side to the presence of figures from the Iraqi Muslim Brotherhood Officially chosen for the quality you see the United Arab Emirates are eligible to participate in the next political system of Iraq.

It has become clear to all who have national insight that the rearrangement of the dominance of the first quota parties and the elders of the political parties, and the recent additions of the list of participants, sheep traders and media to represent the Sunni component, and their attempt to imitate the ruling parties as a means of reaching power(such as ) Control of the upcoming Iraqi elections, through the material resources obtained by these figures to remove the popular majority represented by the currents and national forces aspiring to build a tolerant and transitory civil society.

(If they are not successful in the Reconciliation effort?) The project of national reconciliation in its form and its declared faces represents only a state of surrender and loss of time to proceed to return the process of sectarian quotas. This means accepting the continuation of daily violence and killing, which contributes to criminal gangs benefiting from chaos and the absence of national state institutions. Which is concerned with perpetuating the state of sectarian tension, compared to the independent national front and its popular base, which is solely concerned with the solution to Iraq's prestige and the safety of its people.
(I also want to add that anyone who thinks Nori al-Maliki is no longer dangerous should rethink their position. Sure he is no longer going to be allowed to sit in any high political position and will eventually be judged and executed for his crimes against the people of Iraq. But let’s look at the “NOW”. We see his little digs. His sectarian attitude prevails counter to the GOI efforts. His corruptive schemes still being ensued when the opportunity arises.
Remember it is not just him but an entire gang of Iranian thugs or goons that follow him. They are on his payroll so as long as he lasts they will continue to do his bidding. So recently another counter move to progress- Maliki's coalition adopts a law that exempts perpetrators of crimes from legal accountability. Remember that the political parties do not legislate the laws. The laws are written by Abadi’s cabinet and then passed on to the parliament. So this article really has little substance to it. But it does show us the direction this corrupt party would take Iraq if it had someone in a more powerful position in the government.)
Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat 

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