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DELTA:  FRANKIE....وما مدى التزام العراق بتوصياتهما للاصلاح الاقتصادي والنقدي؟
* ان الاجتماعات مع صندوق النقد الدولي دورية بناء على اتفاقية (الاسترداد الائتماني) التي وقعها العراق مع الصندوق، وتتممراجعة الامور التي تم الاتفاق عليها وكذلك الاطار الاقتصادي والمالي والنقدي للبلد


Blinkster:  (VIA GOOGLE TRANSLATE) "How satisfied is Iraq with their recommendations for economic and monetary reform?

* Meetings with the International Monetary Fund periodically under the Convention (credit recovery) signed by Iraq with the Fund, and the things that have been agreed, as well as the economic, financial and monetary framework of the country"

StephenMac63:  Look at it from various directions....one is a question was asked but there was no answer.....meaning if someone had a problem with the arrangements they would have spoken in dissagreement........but this isnt the case as the article doesnt suggest that. All the article does is ask a question.....and couldnt get a response...why?.....Because if they said anything positive it would like Frank says "Abadi the Cheshire Cat Smile"........IMO, this is fabulous.....kinda like someone asking the bride if she is going to a wedding......some things are self evident......if you can see them.

Cole:  Hey Delta, did someone say "credit recovery" and that they have come to an agreement on the Monetary Reform? They ask, (paraphrased) "How satisfied is Iraq with their economic and monetary reforms?" What do you mean how satisfied past tense? Are you nuts?

They're under sanctions, you know ch7? Uhh they have toilet paper currency... and you're asking about a Monetary Reform? How the citizens are enjoying the Monetary Reform? i.e. Extra purchasing power... hmm I like the past tense inflection.... hope my Dinar goggles are dialed in properly because imo folks, we have some talk of a completed MR right here... imo...

ps... I hope I'm on track, but the suggestion of a completed Monetary Reform is one in the same of a suggestion of a completed lifting of 3 zeros... imo, that is the implication of what is being talked about.... IMF compliancy and satisfaction...

Frank26:  This is a Very Important Article we will cover on tomorrow's MONDAY CC. FAMILY NEEDS to pay attention to this !!!     And More .................... Aloha Sweet Dreams

Don961:  Keywords «morning»: our economy overcome the difficult phase

07/03/2017 0:00 

It revealed that the central bank reserves exceeded the expectations of the IMF $ 10 billion  

Baghdad / Tariq al - Araji

The central bank confirmed that Iraq has overcome the difficult phase «pessimistic» that have passed over the past two years, which were accompanied by statements are not based on facts raised in horror Iraqi street. 

Showed the bank , which is the «safety valve» for the economy and monetary policy of the country indicators, the inflation rate did not exceed 2 percent, while kept the dinar on a fixed exchange rate, in addition to the index raised interest in supporting global institutions as exceeded the central bank reserves ceiling IMF forecasts ten billion dollars  


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