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David12001:  This is really really awesome news, hope every one reads this, and comments, AWESOME

Legacy22:  Is this saying "looking to Open" or "looking forward to the opening"?  Either way IMF would have not need to open headquarters in a country with a program rate.  Screams of international and new rate...just sayin.

Samson:   Iraq looks to open the IMF headquarters in Baghdad

 16th July, 2017

Foreign Minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, on Sunday, that Iraq is looking forward to open the IMF headquarters in the capital Baghdad
Jaafari said during a meeting with Minister of State for the Middle East and North British Africa, Alistair Burt, seen by the "Economy News", "Iraq is looking forward to Britain's support in opening the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund, the IMF in Baghdad, and a meeting of the Iraqi Business Council British during the coming period to increase cooperation trade and investment between Baghdad and London



DocK:  I know it's not the rate we want... BUT!  the IQD is listed as one of the currencies on master cards website.  I never checked but I have to assume it hasn't been on the list until recently.  Does anyone have more info??     thanks

Mastercard® Currency Conversion Calculator

Every day, everywhere, we use our technology and expertise to make payments safe, simple and smart. This currency conversion tool provides foreign exchange rates set by Mastercard to convert from the transaction currency to your card's currency for cross-border purchases and ATM transactions.


Z1world:  Having the Iraqi dinar on the MasterCard currency converter is a huge deal. For example you will not see the Zim or the Iranian rial as part of this money exchange converter. I think we have extremely positive news if we ask ourselves two questions.

1. Why are the rial and zim not part of the currency converter?
2. Why is the dinar now part of this exchange tool?

Tim:  look family, how can master card come out and say that their card is available through out the world without an international rate on the iqd? can you say FIREWORKS!

Doc.K:  THIS IS SIGNIFICANT !!    Do the math.   They are stating for a  ONE ACRE  ( 3972 m sq. area ) Cancer Treatment Center it will cost at a programme rate of 1000 : 1 equivalent to  USD $ 100,000 for the building alone and total package with equipment USD $ 1 Million.
They are using  CONTRACTORS to do the work.

This 1 Billion is OBVIOUSLY at a  1:1 rate at the very least.

If we took it at $3.71 rate to 1 IQD   then it would cost approx.  USD $ 270 Million


Samson:   Unknowingly if unknowingly" .. Rehabilitation cancer center counts about one billion dinars Exactly

 15th July, 2017

Reports and official documents about financial corruption in the implementation of a large project to establish early detection of cancer medicine in the city center of Baghdad compound, indicating revealed that the amounts spent on the implementation of the project was sufficient to establish a specialized hospital.

According to the documents, after comparing the cost of implementing the project to establish the early detection of cancer center, with the cost of implementing a square meter prevailing in the local markets, it shows that there is an exaggeration in the pricing of 100%, especially in the pricing of the implementation of the square meter, Oھo indicating the implementation of consultative status in amounts sufficient to create a specialized hospital.

Documents showed that during the calculation of assessments for the construction of the project area amounting to 3972 m 2, based on the cost of the implementation of the project, excluding the cost of materials and devices laboratory amounting to 100 million dinars, and the cost of medical devices amounting to 575 million dinars, and for the purpose of a fair comparison of the prices of implementation of the project by comparing with the cost of implementing a meter prevailing in the local markets box, shows that the implementation of the price per square meter reached two million and 54 thousand and 106 dinars, Oھo is that there shows a exaggeration in pricing paragraphs.  LINK

Cole:  A 1 billion DOLLAR facility would be very large... and high tech... a Dinar is a dinar is a dinar 

Doc.K:  I know how much Hospitals cost to build and furnish.


Cole:   Then I should suggest it is being done at a prenegotiated rate via contracts

BondServant88:  Here is an article for a new cancer center opening in Phoenix. Cost: 180 million. This is a local state one. If this cancer center in Baghdad is to service all of Iraq at this point, it is within the realm of reasonableness for it to cost 270 million IMO.
blessings,    bondservant888


Doc.K:  That Mayo has about 30,000sq.ft ground level area,   the one in IRAQ  is 1.4 times bigger in land area .     Yep,  revalued amount

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