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Sirenfire:    VICTORY!!! MOSUL has been announced

Abadi, bless the Iraqis achieve a great victory in Mosul

Arrived Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, shortly before, to the city of Mosul, to congratulate the fighters to "great victory."

The sources close to the Abadi arrived in the city with the end of the liberation completely, according to security leaders, while likely sources near Tahrir declaration officially shortly after.


"Abadi up to Mosul," Bless achieve great victory

According to a statement received by the Office of the Abadi "Sky Press", "The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi arrived in the liberated city of Mosul," pointing "Park fighters and heroes of the Iraqi people to achieve great victory."



Mike100:  so we have the official global announcement correct? Frank did mention sunday. Interesting timing. Things should move at a fast pace more transparently now that Mosul is truly liberated publicly.


Don961:  Urgent .. Abadi arrives Mosul and bless the "great victory"

Twilight News / General Commander of the Armed Forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi arrived on Sunday to the city of Mosul and Park "to achieve great victory", according to what his office said.

Abadi said in a brief statement, the Office responded to Twilight News, that "the General Commander of the Armed Forces, Dr. Haider al-Abadi arrives liberated the city of Mosul, and bless fighters and heroes of the Iraqi people to achieve great victory."

Abadi is expected to announce at any moment of liberation from Mosul completely under the control of the organization Daesh.

Iraqi forces arrived today to the edge of the Tigris River in the old city on the right coast connector after editing the field area of ​​Daesh.

Militants are still Daesh fighting in two small pockets zones Kleiaat, and Shahwan along about 90 meters along the edge of the Tigris River.

Iraqi forces launched a campaign restore Mosul in October / last October 17, with the support of the anti-international coalition to organize the "Daesh" led by the United States of America, and the participation of about 100 thousand of Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga and the popular crowd.

And they recovered those forces left the entire coast of the city on 24 January, and then began on February 19 restore the right coast campaign


Samson:  Our economy after "Daesh"

 9th July, 2017

How economists look to the future of the Iraqi economy in the post "Daesh" the dreaded terrorist?

Who is thinking of any economists that the Iraqi economy or the rest of the one - sided supplier and this Maiglgahm if it continues to rely on the resources of oil. 

The reason for concern to the continued decline in global oil prices, which negatively affected the Iraqi economy being the source of financing for public budgets. 

Then it is no hope to return prices to normal and with the debt that burdened the Iraqi economy by the face of aggression "Daesh" the terrorist behind the destruction of a comprehensive infrastructure . What way to meet these challenges? Insist economic experts on the need to speed up the diversification of revenue sources to enhance the capacity to proceed with the construction and reconstruction reconstruction of the legacy of aggression "Daesh" .olal   Activate the productive sectors of the first diversification stations that poses a great importance in moving production factors and provide job opportunities for the unemployed and reduce dependence on imports and to maintain hard currency. 

Focus on retaining sectors of the economy as being in the forefront of the tourism sector where he is still faltering and did not know why except for religious tourism which although plentiful only end irrelevant economically feasible , according to experts .Then customs revenue continues to be a figure acceptable relative movement and commercial capacity of imports as it must from the provisions of control and cut off the road on the spoilers who cause the waste of revenue , which is one of the most important resources in its contribution to strengthening the financing of the budget public that the most important optimistic outlook Tertsm experts in front of the economy ,especially if the commitment to a package of economic reforms launched by itchiness Important in the areas of anybody as long

Strangely, however , that some of these important reforms , stalling some of the ministries in its implementation , though the Zaha are Akaroha in the Council of Ministers for the purpose of the picture remains rosy to be that the government to form committees monitoring and auditing fair to follow up the implementation of these reforms to ensure their implementation precisely when that will be our economy may be similar to to heal and start a new phase live up to the capabilities and potential of Iraq 's untapped. 

Iraq is a rich country that can advancement in all productive sectors can also be a global effort advanced Sanda real trends development where realizes that investment opportunities in Iraq are large and spacious and achieve great benefit, and this is a positive thing where a magnet for global capital and technology advanced.



Samson:  Iraq adds 200 thousand barrels to oil production

 07.09.2017 at 10:35 (Baghdad time)
Oil Minister Jabbar Allaibi, on Sunday that the ministry is keen to develop oil fields in Maysan province, through the implementation of development plans and programs in cooperation with international companies in Iraq, as well as the national effort.

The oil minister said during the foundation stone for the development of the Halfaya oil province of Maysan field, according to a statement put received / balance News / copy of it, that "the third and final phase of the development program contributes to reaching a production peak, which is 400 thousand barrels per day, by adding (200 000 barrels) per day on the current production field, which currently stands at more than 200 thousand barrels per day, which had been achieved thanks to the development of operations in the first and second phases. "

Allaibi added that "the third phase of the project includes the establishment of treatment complex, which consists of (4) banks, insulating and installing heat exchangers and insulation and (4) large tank capacity (30) thousand cubic meters, and the establishment of different purposes such as oil, gas and water flow lines and installation of power plant private electric power project, as well as the establishment of pipeline networks to transport crude oil, gas and water, and the establishment of buildings for control, management and other ".

The oil field Halfayah is witnessing significant development operations by the Chinese, who won Petrojayna to develop the field in the second licensing rounds to reach the company's peak production of 400 thousand barrels per day of oil and the production of large quantities of gas at the end of the year 2018.anthy    LINK

Ampcrx:  Central Bank announces the rise of internal debt to 48 trillion dinars

Economy News Baghdad:

The Iraqi central bank governor Ali al-Alaq on Sunday revealed the rise of domestic debt to 48 trillion dinars, stressing that monetary policy faces many challenges, including the budget deficit and the balance of payments.

Al-Aalak said during a seminar held by Al-Bayan Center for Studies and Planning and attended by "Economy News" that "the internal debt currently amounts to 48 trillion dinars," noting that "the Central Bank continues its initiative in supporting the growth of real sectors through agricultural, industrial and housing lending initiatives."

He stressed that "monetary policy in Iraq faces a number of challenges, including the non-oil deficit and the deficit of the budget and balance of payments deficit," noting that "in order to achieve financial and monetary stability requires the reduction of non-oil deficit by maximizing domestic revenues and control of local expenses and the establishment of ceilings for operating expenses" .

He pointed out that "the decline in revenues from the sale of oil from (92) trillion dinars in 2015 to (42) trillion dinars in 2016 led to a rise in the budget deficit," adding that "the budget must be built on fixing the price of a barrel of oil $ 40 for the next five years to reduce the deficit"

"The sale of the currency needs to be done," he said a deep understanding in light of the large accusations against the bank without evidence to prove there are suspicions of corruption or money laundering or smuggling of currency," he said.


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