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AnimatedRock:   Wow, so at the current rate they are giving them a whole whopping $0.88 on that ration card . . . definitely proof that they are paying them WELL above 1,186 - 1

1186/1 - $0.88
1000/1 - $1
100/1 - $10
10/1 - $100
1/1 - $1,000

You tell me how much food in a month costs, if you are getting a ration card, you'd want it to buy food for a month right??  (wink)

Samson:  Trade announces new printing ration card voucher for the seven provinces

2nd July, 2017

Announced Planning and Follow-up Department at the Ministry of Commerce, on Sunday, for the completion of printing the new ration card for the seven provinces.

The Director General of the Department Ibtihal Hashim in a statement received «Journal News» "It was completed printed ration card for the provinces of Baghdad, Muthanna, Diwaniyah, Wasit, Najaf and Dhi Qar, Babil," confirmed the continuation of the department to print the rest of the provinces cards which will be distributed in the next few days. "

She noted that "the new card is for the years 2017-2018 and will be distributed to citizens, according to a mechanism developed for this particular meeting the amount of 1,000 dinars for each card collected from the citizen under an official receipt."

She called Hashim "all citizens and relevant authorities to report any case of violation of this aspect and inform the Planning and Follow-up Department and General Manager directly through the phones installed in the branches of Supply to punish the violator in order to facilitate the distribution process and deliver them to the citizen in accordance with the regulations and instructions prepared by the department, which was approved by the Minister of trade.  LINK

Faith Prevails:  Aren't numbers worth nothing without a RATE

AnimatedRock:  No, just to us here in USA. Those numbers mean everything to those that live in Iraq.


MilitiaMan:  "She noted that "the new card is for the years 2017-2018 and will be distributed to citizens, according to a mechanism developed for this particular meeting the amount of 1,000 dinars for each card collected from the citizen under an official receipt."

It does say collected from the citizen in the amount of 1,000 dinars. Now let's see what frank and teams say about this one. The translation may need some work.

I do find it odd it would be published and even a real concern to have a fee for being issued the card to the citizens in the first place and let alone at about $.10.. I dont recall ever having been charged a fee for any credit or debit card I have been issued. Not to say indirectly I haven't been charged, heaven knows we get fees and more fees .... lol 

So logic has it imo they are then suggesting an approximate 1:1 ratio, are they not? –mm

AnimatedRock:  MM, this is what I was paying attention to, it says for each card collected from the citizen, so it seems to me that they are not collecting 1,000 dinar from the citizen, just that they have to turn in their old ration card to be issued this new one. And the new one will have the amount of 1,000 dinars on it.

I agree, need some clarification on how to interpret. But I do not think they would make a citizen pay for the ration card, just IMO.

MilitiaMan:  Agreed and they wouldn't, it makes no cents.. lol Out with the old and in with the new card with 1,000 dinars.  Did I see a ghost? lol

SlappySquirrel:  Purchasing power should be applied to those 1000 dinar ration cards before citz receive them in a couple days, along with the RV. blessings, SS


Samson:  Merkel: prosperity must include everyone

2nd July, 2017

Wasat newspaper - German Chancellor Angela Merkel said now (Sunday), while simmering anti-globalization protests in Hamburg ahead of the summit «Twenty countries Company» this week, they said that the leaders have to focus on achieving sustained economic recovery and inclusive rather than concentrate on their wealth profile.

The kicker in the audio recorded weekly The summit «Twenty countries Company» this year will play in the issues of protesters led by the defense, such as the distribution of wealth and the exploitation of resources as well as related issues such as climate change, free markets and consumer protection and support of social standards.

Tens of thousands of protesters marched in protest at the meeting, which will include the 20 largest economies in the world under the rain in Hamburg now, ahead of the summit to be held in the seventh and eighth of July, which the police will deploy 21 thousand of its members in various parts of Germany to protect them.

According to Merkle «growth it will not only relate to (economic) but also sustainable growth». We «must have a situation to achieve gains for all. It is clear that the issues revolve around: how to achieve sustainable prosperity that includes everyone? ».

And separated Merkle seeking a fourth term in elections scheduled for 24 September issues, saying «What do we do with our own resources? What are the rules of the distribution of wealth? How many people will participate in it? How the state will benefit from it? ».

It is, without referring to the protests that worried security officials in Germany of possible acts of sabotage this week in the second largest city in Germany, Merkel said that these non-traditional issues imposed by force on the agenda «summit of the twentieth agenda.»

He said «If you simply what we went we were doing before the development of the world will certainly not be sustainable and will not include everyone ... we need a climate protection agreement and markets are open and improving trade agreements so as to support consumer environmental and social standards and protection.»

She promised Merkel in a speech before parliament last week to defend free trade and pressure for international efforts to combat climate change at the summit and the challenge of «America's first» pursued by US President Donald Trump's policy.

The meeting «Twenty countries Company» in the wake of the summit of the seven major industrialized countries, the company in Sicily a month that showed deep divisions between the Western countries and Trump regarding climate change and trade issues and immigrants before. Trump announced later Throwback United States from the Paris agreement to combat climate change, which concluded in 2015.

The German authorities are braced for unrest in Hamburg and is concerned that the protesters may resort to violence, and an event outside of the top eight company in Genoa, Italy, in 2001, when a person was shot dead and hundreds injured.



Peggy68:  Sunday, July 2, 2017
This week in monetary policy: Albania, Romania, Australia, Sweden, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Poland, Ukraine and Egypt
This week (July 2 through July 8) central banks from 9 countries or jurisdictions are scheduled to decide on monetary policy: Albania, Romania, Australia, Sweden, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Poland, Ukraine and Egypt.
Following table includes the name of the country, the date of the next policy decision, the current policy rate, the result of the last policy decision, the change in the policy rate year to date, the rate one year ago, and the country’s MSCI classification.
The table is updated when the latest decisions are announced and can always accessed by clicking on This Week.

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