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Purifiers:  Smart Card Workshop

Al-Rafidain Bank participated in a workshop organized by the international smart card company, titled “Constructive Communication and Awareness and Guidance Campaign on Qi-Card Services”. It was attended by the Ministry of Finance’s media officers in addition to social and scientific figures . The seminar was held in Ishtar Gallery – Babylon Hotel.

The attendees discussed several topics focused on the manners of using Qi-cards and the great success realized, as well as its significance as a service for the citizens where it is now a link between the citizens and the State and has effects on the Country’s economical situation.

The attendees of the seminar emphasized that Qi-card began to expand in several countries, where its holders have become capable for withdrawing money from any city or country, indicating that the Qi-card is a method to discover fake name and corruption.
In turn, Qi-card company confirmed that there are around 3.5 million beneficiaries of the smart card. In intervention, the attendees called for forming a joint operations room between the media offices of the Ministry of Finance and the smart card global company to acquaint the public with the benefits of the card, circulating the same to the State organizations.

Launching the smart card

Smart cards will issued in the Al-Rafidain Bank’s branches in the Arab countries. The first payment will be disbursed to them during this month .

Now, with Qi-card you can get notice of payment of your salary through SMS on your mobile No. ... read more

Smart card is issued to the beneficiaries of the Social Care Network and the residents abroad through its branches

Al-Rafidain Bank intends to issue the smart card for the beneficiaries of the Social Care Network and the residents abroad through its branches there.

The Bank’s media office declared in a statement that the Bank is starting to issue smart card for the beneficiaries in its branches abroad who receive their salaries from the Ministry of Labor and Social affairs and other Ministries and departments benefiting from the smart card service, indicating that this step represents an important development in the Bank’s business and the steps it takes for the service of its customers.

Activation of Master Card service

Activation of Master Card service is started in our branches in and outside Iraq.

The Bank’s media office said in a statement that the Bank has issued trail Master Cards to its customers, where the card holder may withdraw its money from its account in any country or city without the need to carry cash, indicating that this step is similar to the developed countries which relies on it basically to promote their daily business.

Executive: Iraq attempts at opening banking cooperation horizons on Arab and international levels

Iraq attempts at opening banking cooperation horizons on Arab and international levels via establishment of banking relation with them aiming to increase the size of foreign banking transactions through opening documentary credits, issuing letters of guarantee and conducting investment processes and foreign transfers.

In this context, Al-Rafidan Bank’s General Manager, Basim Kemal Al-Hasani said that the Bank is attempting at more achievements supporting the national economy and keeping pace with the achievements of developed world in the banking business systems, adding that the final touches were placed for executing the project of activation of the Master Card service, in coordination the smart card international company, according to Al-Sabah Newspaper.

He stated that this project is considered a financial achievement in the field of cash credit and banking business that enables the bank to offer its services to the customers in consistency with the development occured in all the developed countries in the field of marketing through the direct card or the internet for the purpose of withdrawing amounts, in addition to using ATMs through this service.

Al-Hasani stated that the Master Card can be defined as a credit card containing a cash balance that allows its holder to withdraw therefrom any time and any place. One of the features of this service is that the holder quits dealing in cash, in addition to the possibility of using it in several fields in daily life .... read more

Payment of the benefits of retirees living abroad through the electronic card

Al-Rifidain Bank declared that it intends to make the payment of salaries of the retirees living abroad through the electronic card

The Bank’s General Manager, Basim Kamal Al-Hasani, said that Al-Rafidain Bank, through its relentless efforts, attempts at making the payment of those living abroad through electronic card to guarantee the easy use of them of the card from any ATM of any foreign bank, indicating that Al-Rafidain Bank developed a specified procedures to include its restructuring and clear its budget from the former debts, where around 90% thereof were settled with realized better clearance of the Bank’s budget.


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